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Powerful cyber security decreases the danger of cyber-attacks and guards against the unapproved and unlawful exploitation of networks, systems, and technologies. These cyber-crimes are normally aimed at obtaining, accessing, altering, or damaging sensitive data, extorting funds from operators, or disrupting normal business practices. The objective of this paper is to discuss cyber security. Executing effective cyber security standards is especially challenging these days because there are more electronic devices than human beings; therefore, cyber criminals are increasingly becoming more creative. A prosperous cyber security strategy has numerous layers of security developed across the networks, computers, programs, or information that one purpose to keep secure. People do connect cyber security with computers, but in the real sense, it has a far more comprehensive application than just this.

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The first occurrence of a cyber-invasion was back in 1903 when wizard Nevil Maskelyne intruded John Ambrose Fleming’s presentation by sending taunting Morse code letters that were pitched onto the auditorium’s display ("Cyber Security Evolution," 2012, p. Present-day cybercriminals have had close to120 years to enhance and advance at breaking down cyber security operations. Tool and techniques for hacking have grown as the internet has evolved and now much simpler to hit a firm or a person in this way. These techniques have become known as “Exploit Kits” and are planning to abuse human weakness or susceptibilities in your computer or servers ("Cyber Security Policy Catalog," 2012, p. Cyber-attack is a big business in that criminal attackers are driven by ethical, political, or cultural incentives.

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Cyber security is a crucial, board-level issue; new laws and reporting obligations make cyber security hazard oversight a hurdle. The committee will resume seeking support from an authority that their cyber risk approaches will decrease the danger of crimes and restrict operational financial and impacts. ("Cyber Security Policy Catalog," 2012, p. Types of cyber attacks Malware is a terminology used to define malicious software, including ransom ware, spyware, worms, and viruses. It is programmed to extract cash by barring access to records or the computer operation until the price is paid. Social engineering is a strategy that opponents use to deceive one into sharing delicate information. They can request a financial payment or instead obtain access to one's classified information. Social engineering can be connected with the other extortions to make one tick on a link, trust a treacherous source or download malware.

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(Wang & Lu, 2013, p. End-user education discusses the most irregular cyber-security factor that is, people. Anyone can unintentionally introduce malware to an otherwise reliable system by neglecting to observe good security customs. Educating operators to erase dubious email attachments not plug in unknown USB drives, and several other essential teachings are important for the safety of any system. (Adams et al, p. Protection against cyber crime Spam Email Prevention People need security against malware. If it becomes out your account is okay, you can then proceed to email or call the corporation to report the phishing information. Cybercrime Protection To defend yourself from certain cyber threats simultaneously with malware, it is essential to have a complete Internet security series installed on the system.

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Important elements of Internet security series incorporate spam filters, virus protection, parental controls, and numerous other defenses to defend against all kinds of cybercrime ("Cyber Security Objectives," 2012, p. One of the most significant characteristics of such series is cloud-based security safeguards that ensure that when browsing the internet if you revisit a suspicious database, it will be prevented before you become a culprit. Furthermore, secure banking software incorporated with numerous suites adds a layer of security by guaranteeing that when you revisit a banking database, it is the authorized entity. Managing our passwords and staff awareness teaching lessons presents the most dependable protection against cyber criminals.     Works Cited "2019 International Conference on Cyber Security and Protection of Digital Services (Cyber Security). " 2019 International Conference on Cyber Security and Protection of Digital Services (Cyber Security), 2019, pp.

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