Data assets vulnerability in healthcare sector

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The study found that technology presents the human generation with numerous opportunity but is also a threat to both existence ad their social, economic life especially data privacy. Although technology makes life easier, there are dangers associated with it and as it continues to grow human being will sooner be unable to handle the effects. Technology is presenting a world where all information is connected, and everything is known to the machines threatening human privacy. Introduction Information system security has risen gradually in the past years. This is due to evolution in the technologies and innovations, which is leading to the advancement in technology. Some of the security consequences of threat have devastating effects that can even leave an organization in the grave. Organizations should be aware of various strategies and systems that can be used to manage and mitigate security risks.

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The staff, too, should be mindful of the risks and how they can handle the threats ("MS-ISAC Security Primer - Ransomware," 2019). Healthcare is one of the industries that is a prime target for security threats due to the intensive data handled. The hospital is advancing its technology in responding to their service delivery. Overtime policy guiding information security has evolved with technology, but they have not been fully implemented. The technology policy is ways of responding to the challenges of developing technology. Poor implementation of data assets security policies and strategies affects the health sector because new threats and risk keep o developing. It is now a requirement for the health care industry to implement a security strategy. According to a recent study, it was found that the health care industry has failed to adopt necessary security activities such as antivirus tools, firewalls, cybersecurity, and encryption.

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It, therefore, gains external control and access of the information to the sector. In the case of a hack, the healthcare industry is exposed to the risk of even being brought down ultimately ("MS-ISAC Security Primer - Ransomware," 2019). Therefore the information system's weaknesses and loopholes should be in defied early in advance and rectified. In scams, individuals may be tricked to fall into a trap and reveal confidential information that may be used against the person or the organization working for. An example of a scam is Phishing. Recommendations First of all, it's important to note that threats of technology affect all the companies, both small and large. Although the risks cannot be reduced to zero, it is necessary to attempt to minimize the threats ("Cybersecurity Spotlight - Defense in Depth (DiD)," 2019).

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A study of the past, present, and trying to predict the future is essential in building the responsive capacity to an information security threat. Proactive response to information system threats is the best. Preventing the information system threat reduces the vulnerability of the healthcare industry data assets. Retrieved from https://www. cisecurity. org/spotlight/cybersecurity-spotlight-defense-in-depth-did/ ITL Bulletin, Assessing the Effectiveness of Security Controls in Federal Information Systems. n. d. cisecurity. org/white-papers/security-primer-ransomware/ Proceedings of the 21st National Information Systems Security Conference. October 8). Retrieved from https://csrc. nist.

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