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What about philosophy then. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It consists of the various aspects of learning as a person indulges to put across an explanation of his or her understanding of life matters. This study can either be by independent thought or personally accepted/ acquired report about a body of opinion. What is ideal in philosophical thinking is that there is no disqualification to anyone offering his mind about philosophy. Athenian sophists including Protagoras and Gorgias state that “relativism is indeed true, so morality is invented for our convenience (usually selfish), and neither our sense nor our reason can be trusted. ” Idealists including Hegel state that “if we follow our reason far enough, we can see all ideas (and even history itself) converging on a single ideal and a single vision of the Truth, which exists in a spiritual world.

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” These schools of thought represent the pioneers and scholars of philosophy, those from whom the discovery of the knowledge began with and those that took an interest in the study to expound on this topic. Now looking to the postmodern age thinking, what has come of age proves to be more liberal. Postmodernists including Derrida state that “nothing is objectively true, and even language is beyond our control, so we must just ‘go with the flow,’ and not expect any stable truth or science or morality or politics. The terminator of life is set to gain self-fulfillment at the expense of the victim; this makes abortion immoral. So the two opposing arguments in the issue of abortion is, termination of the life of the fetus for the continuation of the life of the mother, and termination of the life of the fetus because of the impending consequences if abortion is not done, each of the arguments has its justification.

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It will be imperative first to analyze the consequences of abortion because it still has implications. The main reason as to why the patient has decided to abort, but to sum upon the point of whether abortion is moral or immoral, I would like to categorically state that abortion is immoral because it also promotes sexual abuse. Is it right for citizens to possess guns? There has always been a global argument about gun control, some pushback against gun control that is orchestrated and supported by the gun advocates. There are established organizations that offer advice, counseling and moral support that will help give the victim relieve and sense of living again. In summary, abortion, possession of guns and euthanasia are all unethical and should never be encouraged, but possible alternative solutions should be employed.

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