Designing a process flow diagram in healthcare facility

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This paper, therefore, aims at developing a project management plan and a process flowchart which explains how our health care facility will achieve this objective of achieving a reduced readmission in the health facilities. In order to ensure that our healthcare facility reduces the probability of having readmission of patients, as a manager, I wish to formulate a strategy which will aid in achieving the same. All healthcare providers in our healthcare unit will be expected to have undergone a proper training concerning the discharge process. This would ensure that there is avoidance of readmission cases in the facility. A process flow diagram will be designed in order to analyze the relationship between the aim of our health facility and the primary drivers that are directly channeled at achieving the aims as well as the secondary drivers which facilitate the achievement of the primary drivers.

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A follow up is important during the administering of the medicine while the patient is in the ward in order to note the progress of him or her. If the patient has fully recovered, it is important for the medical team to discharge the patient. Follow-up is important even when the patient has been discharged (Kaboli et al, 2012). It is evident that a proper strategy in the healthcare units is important to ensure that there are reduced cases of readmission in the hospital. A proper flow diagram in the health facilities ensures that the facility staff works together as a team with a shared view of how to achieve a common goal. Multicenter randomised trial on home-based telemanagement to prevent hospital.

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