Desirees Baby by Kate Chopin Analysis

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During this era, the black race was regarded with awe, and many people did not value the black race as they did with the white race. The story depicts the story of a young woman who is got between the tough shackles of racism that engulfed her young life in marriage. The fact that she gave birth to a mixed race child diminishes the love that she had cultivated with her husband. She is subsequently chased away from her matrimonial home. Desiree’s Baby is set during the era of slavery. Armand Aubigny, the son of a man who had emigrated from Paris some years back. However, Monsieur Valmonde is uncomfortable with this new relationship. He is for the idea that Desiree’s origin and ancestry ought to be known before Armand Aubigny considers marrying her.

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On the other hand, Aubigny is seriously in love with Desiree, and hence he does not care about her origin or her ancestry. All Aubigny cared for in this time only if Desiree could give him a good family of their own and nothing more. Desiree however never went home as she disagreed in the bayou with her baby. However, in an interesting twist of events, several weeks later when Almond sets out a big fire to burn Desiree’s belongings, she stumbled upon some letters with revelations that stunned him altogether. Among the things that Almand discovers is a bunch of letters both from Desiree and one which was written by his mother to her father. In the letter, Alamand discovers that her mother was black and hence Almand himself is of the mixed race.

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