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(OK). However, the total grains were (11+4 ½) 15 ½ ounces which exceeded the accepted limit of 10 ounces since my whole grain meal was way beyond the ≥ 5 ounce(s) recommended. My vegetable diet was 1½ cups lower than the recommended 4 cups since I took none of either dark green, red and orange, or starchy vegetables. My 3½ cups of whole fruit meal exceeded the fruit target of 2 ½ cups. My dairy diet that was made up of ¼ and ¾ cups of milk/yogurt and Cheese respective was lower (under) than the target of 3 cups. • Increase dairy products. • Reduce proteins meals. • Decrease the oils. • Decrease saturated fat calories. • Lower the total calories to 2000. In a nutshell, there was great improvements to the second day meals planning as opposed to the first case.

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The gross margin of error was highly reduced from +703 to just -5 calories. Food intake difference between day one and day 2 Generally, most of the food intakes were adjusted as compared to the day 1 meal plan. However, the excesses and inadequacies experienced in the 1st day plan of meals were adjusted appropriately but still fall short of the target. A comparison of my food record from the two days recorded Table 1. • None met the required results. Total calories= 3703 (OVER) Total calories= 1995 (OK) • Day 1 calories were way higher than the anticipated results. • However, day 2 calories were with acceptable limits. • None of the two made to the exact target. A comparison of my nutrient elements report from the two days recorded According to the nutrient report’s, 40 nutritional elements were analyzed.

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However, I was forced to eat more vegetables something that I was not accustomed to. It was a good experience to prepare and have a taste of a variety of delicacies. In order to improve the diet as I learnt from diet plan 2, it is important to eat from a variety of foods in small bits rather than a single meal in bulk. Importantly, foreplaning of meals ahead of time for a week or a day is very crucial to avoid eating unbalanced diet. However, it is important to improve the eating habit particularly in regard to time (when) and the type (what) and amount (how much), despite the fact that eating is usually determined but not limited to opportunity, habit and convenience rather needs (Begg & Woods 2013).

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Importantly, to be applied and learnt lesson from this course is the need to plan meals based on their energy content to attain a desired goal. At the moment I am very curious about what I eat. “Sweet” food is no longer “nutritious”. I need to incorporate more proteins in my daily meals than ever before. Some of the notable difference so far is the objection to high calorific food stuffs. However, they have been vigorous and very involving. At first before I got used to, I experienced body aches from almost all parts of my body but currently my body feels “light and swift”. My muscles got stretched and they make me feel stronger and healthier than before. At first, it was not easy to adhere to the exercise regimen.

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