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One of the significant contributors of various tenets and applications of digital media marketing is the introduction and the development of the modern communication platforms. The development in the field of information technology platforms is also another great concept behind the massive developments of modern forms of communication. Digital media is also becoming the best method of making purchases and important supplies that are inherent for the development and the change in the marketing structure in the present world. It is a major reason behind the developments in digital marketing platforms which has changed the entire system of digital marketing in the world today. The purpose of this paper is to explain the various applications of digital marketing by Flow Hive Company. Digital Footprint This is one of the major terms can be developed and denoted from the application of digital media and digital marketing platform in society today. Digital footprints are also known as the digital shadow. It comprises of various things that are unique that one often leaves behind as a traceable digital activity, actions, and other communications that are left behind in the internet platforms which can either be personal computers, mobile devices among other things which shows the trend and all activities that one performs use g the internet. The digital footprints that can be associated with various businesses and other settings within the digital world include comments from the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Instagram among other social media platforms. Digital footprints can take many forms.

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The use of of-of websites and other online marketing platforms that you can choose to buy or sell your services. In this site, some core thing that can be traced back to the user can be easily found or located from the digital media platforms. Cookies are one of the prime things that can be used to trace you, your activities and this can act as the basis of digital footprints platforms. The social media sites are also another critical pathway that can be the prime source of digital footprints. This can be in form of comments, reviews, and other feedbacks. The use of internet marketing is the method that is used by the company to sell its products. In this case, the company leaves various digital footprints in this site.

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The digital footprints which can be traced back to the company are analyzed based on the development and the use of this digital marketing platform. In this case, the company is contemplating using this method to realize its objective in the business world. The footprints that are traced to the company in this method are the information about what the company sells and advertises on the internet platforms. It is the development of new strategies in communication that is meant to go hand in hand with the recent developments in the field of modern communication strategies. Digital communication strategy is important in establishing a framework that can be followed and developed based on the digital communication platform which is taking over the world today. It requires the use of significant strategies to help on including all the digital methods and platforms to meet the various needs of its customers.

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This requires intense planning on the various needs of the market, their development initiatives and the goods and services that the company needs to sell to the world (Gould, 2013, 59) Digital Communication Strategy being applied by Flowhive. coms The Flowhive. These photos and pictures are uniquely designed to help in capturing the attention and also creating the inherent needs of the platform. Flowhive. com also runs the website where they post these things that touch on the needs and the development concepts that the business hopes to achieve and deliver within its digital communication strategic platforms. It is a method that is yielding fruits within the business, and it has developed a way of achieving the needs of the customer points and also the development of the digital system in the business.

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