Diversity and families

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Through various ways, the state continues to impact significant changes on the family lives of racialized groups and immigrants in Canada (Codjoe 34). Basically, globalization, racialization and colonialism are the major factors influencing the creation of racialized and immigrant families. It is the action and reaction of the state on globalization, racialization and colonialism which influences the lives of racialized and immigrant families in Canada (Mitchell 395). Some states have been characterized by internal colonialism which results in racialization and immigration of families. Due to internal colonialism in Canada, the state handled the Aboriginal people as racially inferior and subjected them to continued subjugation. There are significant features of Aboriginal families, immigrants and newcomers which help in increasing resiliency among such group of people.

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The characteristics of these groups of peoples help them in responding to racialization, globalization and colonization among other factors which influence their experiences in life (Mitchell 395). An important characteristic of the Aboriginal people is that they are significantly flexible. This flexibility enables them to adapt easily to new environments and counter the possible challenges easily. High level of self-acceptance is a significant characteristic of the immigrants, newcomers and Aboriginal people which aid in boosting their resiliency in families (Codjoe 34). Relative gender equality among geographically dispersed and fragmented families ensures effective interactions across the family structures. The reasons as to why some families live in diverse geographical locations can be explained by cultural, economic, social and personal issues. Basically, people have different personalities defined by different preferences and tastes which may influence the geographical localities of different families.

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