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Prejudice can make opportunities for people with a certain orientation to significantly reduce and limit the chance to have diversity in sports. The most important aspect of having diversification in sports is that it helps people to respect and value one another in the wider society. Prejudice does not have a room when people are focused on winning. The focus goes to the skills of each individual that can help the team win. The admiration of those individual competitors regardless of who they are is an important teaching to the society (Rowe, p43-61). Children can be encouraged to expand their horizons by this aspect and believe that they can be anything that they want to be. Sports help in making peace and living peacefully in the community no matter what culture or gender a person belongs to.

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Today, culture and gender diversity in sports is a major discussion. Cultural diversity is important in the society and has a major influence on the sports. Culture affects how people behave and interact with others. For sports to be completely diversified, there is a need for leaders of sports and sports organization to have a shift of focus and ensure that the diversification is effected in all places starting with the international teams. Over the years, diversification of sports on the basis of disabilities has been affected by many nations and worldwide. For instance, the legacy of London 2012 for disabled people was one of the sports for the disabled. Paralympics which are sports for the disabled also got involved in the discussions of the problems that the disabled face and how to solve them (Teixeira et al.

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The involvement of the disabled people in sports is essentially important to the entire community and to the disabled people so that they can have a sense of belonging. Racism in sports is evident today in many events. There is a need for professionals to understand that the color of a person does not dictate what kind of skills are brought to the table. Another major issue in racism is the tendency for the sport’s participants to make teams with biases to their racial color or ethnicity. As professionals, most of them are consumed with lack of positive attitude and respect for people who are not of the same color as theirs which leads to failure often. Regardless of a person’s race, equal chances should be accorded to each person.

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People with different backgrounds should be promoted to join and participate in the organization. The fifth way is to be trained and informed on the various multicultural methods to best serve the diverse people in sports. In conferences, presentations and in professional activities, the multicultural aspect and equity should be promoted intensely. The last way if the development of respectful and positive attitudes in regard to the students, colleagues and clients. It is until recently that the topic of diversification in sports was brought into the light. These differences should serve as a unifying factor in that each unique person brings in a plate or a combination of talent that could be very useful in the long run. Psychology consulting and advising the professionals on the diversification matters should make a good ground for making sports diversification much easier.

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