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Decide on how to pay them and their agents. More so, the business will also require other staff members who will assist in running the club while the boys are in the field entertaining the public. This will ensure the club runs smoothly and will face no instances of collapsing. It is therefore important to have a general manager running the overall management of the club for success to be achieved (Morrow &Brian). The write up that follows dwells on a soccer club and explore the other supporting staff apart from the players and their manager who help in the proper running of the club. More so other aspects such as the promotion of the club, payment of players among other factors. Important Staff to be Hired As the general manager, one is tasked with not only assembling a team that will do the actual playing on the tuff but also ensuring the business is run diligently to avoid any instance of collapse. To do this, a general manager needs to identify and hire other supporting staff to assist in running the club. These professionals include the chief financial officer. Any company running out there requires a person mandated in overseeing the financial issues of the firm. This individual is mandated at looking at all financial documents to interpret the situation an enterprise is in. With the information, he can advise the organization on undertaking certain investments. He is also the individual responsible for ensuring the firm’s finances are utilized in sound investments that would make a profit by the end of the day.

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A football club involves large chunks of finances and there a chief financial officer is required to help in the management of these funds. Another personnel required is the inside legal counsel. This basically a lawyer. A person conversant with the legal issue (García). The soccer club definitely requires one since it will be operating out with other organizations and there are chances that it will rub shoulders with other organization. In addition, the franchise is dealing with numerous people including the players, their agents, and other workers. At one point issues will arise between it and any of these individuals and the club will require a legal interpretation of these matters. Everyone in the club and most importantly the players need to eat, have recreational facilities like swimming pools among other hospitality elements.

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It is the work of the individual to ensure these items are available and are in perfect shape as required. On food, for instance, he or she must ensure that the players are well fed so that they can have the required energy and shape to perform on the pitch. Another officer is the operations manager. His role is to oversee the running of day to day activities in the club. Club Promotion A soccer club is like any other business and requires promotion so that it can become popular with the fans and in so doing it will attract best partnership and sponsorship deals. One of the best approaches is signing best players on the planet rather than running advertisements on all forms of media using them. Since these players are already known, fans will be interested to know more about the club and most likely they will follow us.

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This is being done by various clubs in the Chinese super league right now. Another way is by conducting community service and making donations all over the world. Putting the right measures in place will help reduce the consequences in case they happen. Others include losing key players to well-paying rival. It will be dealt with by paying the players well and ensuring the love playing for the cub. Other risks involve lack of good revenue generation mostly due to lack of fans to buy the clubs tickets which will, in turn, mean fewer sponsors will be drawn to the club. This will be dealt with by using strategies to ensure the club becomes very popular among the football lovers. Marketing the Naming Rights of the Club’s Stadium Most clubs in the world give the naming rights of their playing grounds to certain companies for an agreed period of time for a price.

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In our case, we will run advertisements expressing our desire to sell the naming right to any company will to partner with us. Marketing will be done via various platforms like sports televisions, the social media, and other platforms. Interested companies will be asked to make bids and the highest bidder will gain the naming rights. These rights will be for a specified period of time after the expiry of which the right is open for hire by another company if the current one is not interested in extending their tenure (Thornburg). However, this a loss is inevitable at one point. The club will hire a professional whose department who will always deal with the media and answer to any negativity that the club may attract with the loss (Cleland 423). Important Function of the General Manager In my own view, the most important priority of being a general manager in a football club is not only about buying good players but ensuring the enterprise is running as per the goals and objectives set during the strategic planning.

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This means that the club is meeting the set goals within the specified periods. Such targets include growth goals and most importantly the enterprise is making an increasing profit with the goal to ensure sustainability. García, César. Real Madrid Football Club: Applying a relationship-management model to a sport organization in Spain.  International Journal of Sport Communication 4. Holt, Matthew. The ownership and control of Elite club competition in European football. Thornburg, Robert H. Stadium naming rights: An assessment of the contract and trademark issues inherent to both professional and collegiate stadiums.  Va. Sports &Ent. LJ 2 (2002): 328.

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