Violence at Football Sports Venues

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Fans have also engaged in physical conflict with their opponents which resulted in serious injuries or even death. This paper contains a review of football violence at sports places. Emphasis is given to the history of violence in football, examples of incidents that involved violence, and the causes of violence. The aim of the paper is to evaluate the causes of violence at sports venues with the aim of developing a solid solution. History and of violence in football The behaviour that was named "Football hooliganism" brings us back to the origin of violence in football. Examples of Violent football Incidents It is indisputable that at least some type of unruly behaviour has happened in almost every country in which football is played.

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The violence of some kind appears to be a nearly universal and seemingly usual accompaniment to the game though there is no organized recording on each nation. In a majority of the European nations, violence during football matches is currently largely an internal predicament with the majority of problems happening at club-level matches. There is a common pattern in Europe where fans tend to cause more trouble at away matches that when supporting their team at home. Examples of matches where violence erupted in Europe include The match between Woolwich Arsenal and Burton Wanderers that was played on 26, January 1895, after referee John Brodie was beaten by a spectator and knocked down resulting to the closure of Manor stadium for six weeks.

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Cases of violence during football matches have also been experienced in Asian countries like China, Israel, and Iran. For instance there in China where Jiangsu fans attacked a defenceless supporter of rivals Shanghai Shenhua by stamping on his head (Cannon). In the year 2000 Tension surrounding Arab-Israel conflict spilt over into sporadic riots between Jewish and Arab Israeli football fans which saw every club in Israel on final warning following escalating violence and intimidation at matches (Woods) Causes of Violence during Football Matches Football related violence is not essentially of the same nature or influenced by the same casual factors in all of the cultures in which it occurs. Various factors influence violence at sports venues. Historical, societal, political, economic and literary factors in different countries across the globe have been associated with football violence.

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In many cases, a team is considered as the extension of a community by the fans and if the team does not play well to the satisfaction of the fans it might lead to violence. Fourthly, frustration is another cause of violence in the football pitches. It is quite difficult to manage a frustrated group of a football fan. Fans get to realize that despite being devoted and excited about their teams they do not a direct influence on the results of the matches leading to the build-up of frustrations and some people respond violently when they are frustrated. If a team loses in a game it might lead to many people being frustrated causing the spectators to engage in violent fights.

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The technique involves listening to talks from star players and reformed hooligans who can tell young people that violence leads to injury and criminal offence. Efforts to providing intervention to end violence in sports should be base on cooperation and responsibility. There is a need to work together so as to end cases of violence during sports. An effective and harmonious partnership between the political, policing and sporting communities can help achieve the goal. No agency can tackle the problems alone. Crazy riots break out at soccer game following a missed call. Retrieved on 16 may 2016. Cannon, Toby. "Jiangsu fans are engaged on by an angry mob to viciously hurt prone Shanghai Shenhua support before FA Cup final. " The sun. Football Hooliganism.

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