Effective Marijuana Legalization and its Benefits in the USA

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This paper therefore seeks to avail relevant data through review of various articles and journals on marijuana and its related benefits arising from the legalization of this drug with various case studies drawn from both within and outside USA. The information is to augment the annual data obtained by National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSUDH) and finally make recommendations towards Marijuana legalization in the entire USA. Problem The current problem that forms the core of my research proposal is the inconsistent legalization of Marijuana which varies from one state to another hence leaving loopholes for black markets, increased Marijuana related violence, increased challenges in handling the Marijuana abuse in institutions of higher learning besides the ambiguity in addressing the Marijuana usage by employers among their employees from different states.

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All these factor individually or in combination calls for a uniform legal standing in terms of the entire USA legalization of Marijuana for effective realization of the ensuing advantages as well as effectively addressing the demerits Background The legalization of several drugs among them Marijuana has received great push over a long period of time with key advocates being Gary Becker (Becker, 2014) who vehemently argued that the cost of marijuana legalization was lower than the prohibition costs. However, the variance in the state legalization of the marijuana use in medical purposes from the pioneer states of Colorado and Washington and the possession and use of the drug for recreational reasons in some states while other states clinging on the demerits of the drug to pronounce it illegal within their jurisdiction points to existence of a problem.

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Inadequate state funded researches to establish the scientific facts on the social, medical as well as economic related impacts of the drug in question has aggravated the indiscriminate legalization approach being witnessed among the different states. Through this research I intend to review the available articles on the benefits of legalizing marijuana as well as conducting interviews among my peers on the subject of legalizing the drug with the core aim of convincing the regulatory bodies and policy formulators besides the law making entities to buy my idea of legalizing the drug in the entire USA. Audience My final official report will seek the attention of several audiences key among them Gatekeeper: My supervising professor has the fully jurisdiction to give a nod or reject my research proposal before the full and officially written report is presented to the National Survey on Drug use and Health chief executive officer.

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Primary audience; The National survey on drug use and health chief executive officer and his entire staff including all the departmental heads at the institution. Secondary audience; other research entities in the legalization of Marijuana, the health department as well as the law making entities throughout the USA. The organization can also easily monitor the trend of all substance use and misuse. This can be achieved easily since the organization runs an annual survey and release their report every September. This therefore implies that any slight deviation in the trend can be easily be detected earlier within a span of not more than twelve months (Reiss, Rhee & Kumar, 2017). Disadvantages The NSUDH suffer from a number of demerits among them; the cash dependent respondent.

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Since the organization incepted the idea of appreciation token of the 30 US dollars there is a likelihood of ushering in bargaining for a higher pay from some respondents before one gives fully disclosure of sensitive information. doi. org/10. 1080/09595230310001613976 Cerdá, M. , Wall, M. , Keyes, K. Chu, Y. Medical Marijuana Laws and Illegal Marijuana Use.  SSRN Electronic Journal. http://dx. doi.  Substance Abuse, 35(4), 331-335. Qualification I have a rich background which consists of knowledge in finance, computer science and related technology besides accounting, This coupled with experience from the Marijuana affected peers puts us in a better position to conduct a study on the uniform legalization of Marijuana in USA and the assessment of the resultant impact of the same. Work Schedule Activity total time completion date Information gathering 24 hours March 28 Analyzing information 8hours April 1 Organizing information 4 hours April 8 Writing draft 6hours April 10 Revising draft 4hours April 14 Slide presentation 6hours April 16 Editing draft 3hours April 20 Proof reading draft 4hours April 22 Rehearsing presentation 2hours April 28 Delivering presentation 1 hour April 30 Call to action Am fully confident that I will be able to complete the official research work in time.

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