Important Characteristics of Drama Movies

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It uses suspense to make the viewer interested in knowing what will happen next, it also creates a path of expectations in the viewer’s mind. The sound effects of the movie include the use of soundtracks and music making the viewer have a perception of a specific scene based on the sound effects. The movie is criticized by many people as being old but the story itself is old and interesting hence this does not prove that it is bad. The movie “War and Peace” is acted based on the age when Napoleon’s forces ha power over entire Europe. Napoleon was always hungry for more power and was about to fight Russia a country that was still unconquered. This movie although it is mainly classified as a drama, it has other genres characters making it have a big fanatics base.

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The movie interchanges these scenes to ensure the viewers do not get bored with one line of the story, for instance, they change from a love scene to an action scene in this case war or violent quarrels. The movie could have been biased or boring if it did not have scenes from other genres to complement the main genre. The movie “War and Peace” is intriguing and makes the viewer have the desire to want to know what will happen next. This is a characteristic of all best-selling movies in that the watchers always wish to know the next scene, or they become eager and impatient to wait for the next part of the movie production. As a drama movie different music is used and it varies depending with the scene.

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The volume of the movies sound also varies depending with the scene having loud music in scenes of war and conflicts and soft low music when the scenes are of love conversations or moments. This impacts positively the emotions of the viewer making them to have different emotions when different music is played to match the emotion portrayed by the movies. For instance, when someone is about to see something that will make him angry or disappointed in the movie a loud banging sound starts to recapture the attention of the viewer then followed by loud music to create tension at the start of the scene. Other actions that cannot be explained but just shown in movies need sound effects to make the author relate the visual elements and audio elements to understand or be entertained more by the movie.

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The tension although takes time to build once it reaches optimum the movie redirects the viewer to other issues because it is not meant to last for long. This is true and important to all drama movies to keep the viewers engaged till the movie ends and not boring them before it even gets to half. I believe that my teammate is a lover of drama movies because he understood this movie well and he wanted to continue explaining how great it is and all I could do is agree with him. To sum up, the movie “War and Peace” is very interesting since its story itself is interesting and how the movie is acted makes the delivery of the story perfect.

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