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From Chen Quifan's "the smog society," the emotional influence of the smog is much powerful as expressed. For instance, Lao Sun did not realize significance extent of his wife until she was nowhere to be seen. Lao begins to anguish himself with memories of how he assumed her wife while suffering from smog. However, when he recognized that depression often leads to smog, he makes up his mind to initiate a heroic effort to be cheerful and bring joyfulness to his left kids. The analysis, therefore, seeks to uncover the social impact of the existence of smog in a given society, with a case of Lao Sun who lost his wife. As explained by Chen, there is enormous amount of editorializing that often tries to uncover aspects of life that do not require explanations. The speculative element that depression causes smog does not make sense to human beings unlike the other way round. Lao is greatly depressed as a result of his wife absence. As experienced by Lao, smog obstruct the environment to the extent of interfering the visibility. It was difficult for any given individual to differentiate between morning and darkness in Lao's society. This is because the whole area was covered with smog day in day out. Lao had to squint to see the tall buildings that silhouetted against the yellow-gray contextual like sandy-colored reprieve print. According to Lao, one was unable to distinguish whether the earth and heaven met (Cai et al, 2017, 927). This is all because the cars on the road all have their long sunbeams on their horns blaring and passels and perambulators dusty-faced under filter facades that made them bear a resemblance to pig-faced outrages.

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A sense of removal from the earth was the world was the major effect of smog according to Lao as it prominently affected him. He there proclaimed that there were no further methods of prevention from the effects of smog. However, under normal circumstance, several methods can be initiated to curb the problem. These include one changing his car habits; driving less, proper maintenance of the car, fueling car in cooler temperatures, and purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Avoiding of chemicals that easily escapes into the atmosphere and practice energy efficient back at hope to prevent pollution are some of the other methods that can be used. The smog society indicated various factors to be responsible for the formation of smog in the city besides the air pollution. The forerunners are principally caused by directly released pollutants into the air by the gasoline and fuel vehicles or industrial plants.

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Also, Chen unveils that smog is also caused by heavy traffics, high temperatures and calm winds. It often impedes conspicuousness and interrupts the general environment. While counteracting the effects of smog, it is often significant to keep the allergy kit ready with the obligatory suppositories, inhalers, and vaporizers in case of any respiratory difficulty. Early in the morning, Lao often washed, dressed up and got his kit ready to leave. Together with his colleagues of the local smog research commonly known as "the smog society," located at different positions in the city, they recorded their daily data (Hargrove et al. According to the smog society and from the data collected, smog often causes psychological challenges to individuals, easily overlooked but with far more significant and longer lasting consequences besides the biological problems.

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Lack of prevention from the smog was often associated with much of its negative impact on human. For instance, on his way back from data collection, Lao encountered individuals who had no masks for protection. Their skin was much blurrier and grayer than the sky, inundated with the inky shine like bristly sandpaper. When he attended a psychological canceling course, his first filled question that indicated his depression level to be 73% recording a below average value amongst all the attendance. Conclusion In conclusion, smog is indeed harmful and is evidenced by Lao's story where he underwent difficult challenges after the death of his wife. Lao indicates that smog caused depression and as a result contributing to a sense of removal from the world. His social life was disrupted as he never bothered talking to anyone around except smiling.

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However, smog has other effects on human health as aforementioned.  Environmental science & technology (2018). Hazari, Mehdi, et al. Comparative cardiopulmonary effects of particulate matter-and ozone-enhanced smog atmospheres in mice.  Environmental science & technology (2018). Sharma, Nikhil, et al.

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