The Storm and The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin Analysis

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“The Storm” is a distinctly illustrated plot of a relationship among two married individuals, while The Story of an Hour aims at the freshly widowed lady (Chopin, 2014). To comprehend the differences and similarities between the two heroes of this plot, an ordinary comprehension of the two scenarios should be created. “The Storm” was authored in 1868, however because of the profanity if produced by the story. The story was not documented up to 1969, the year it was published. “The Storm” aims at a woman by the name Calixta, she is married, and at several occasions, her marriage was more concerned on her survival and taking care of her children than being in love. She learns early in the plot that her husband is no longer alive.

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Her real attitude is a relief, for ages, she feels happy and safe; she presumes that she is now liberated. Out of this, it can be deduced that the woman is in a patriarchy household. Many women of her era were anticipated to represent themselves in ways that were directed by the patriarchy society. The women were required not display any form of a personality of emotions. It is probable that “The Storm” dismayed the community since it demonstrated the immaturity of women emotions as well as the reality of what women felt and hide their feeling to deeper secrets. Femininity and emancipation were unfamiliar terminologies, and those are precisely the themes that the author wanted to communicate to the Victorian society.

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Another prohibited and unthinkable idea that she the author was not frightened and compressed to write and enlighten the community about it was the contrast and the disconnection between sexual desires and love. In “The Storm,” Calitxa adored her husband unconditionally. However, she was sexually attracted to her former lover Alcee. She did not reveal her real feelings; she only kept them to herself. She maintained and secured her dignity of her late husband as well as herself impeccably. Just after the death of her husband had, she gained the courage and devotion to recapture and manage her freedom and independence. Her audacity and eagerness to attain and seek freedom of her soul as well as her body enable her to be a responsible and respectable woman in the community during the reign of Queen Victoria.

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When she stayed alone in her room, she did not know what she will do after the death of her husband, but she wished to be ill. In the plot, Allen Stein argues that there is an exceptional opportunity to suspect that Calitxa and Alcee will aim to repeat their adulterous affair; this is demonstrated by the actions of Alcee when he writes a letter to his to communicate to her and inform her that she can stay for a month (Chopin, 2012). These two personalities are all heartbreaking illustrations during the Victorian reign since they had to be wives, sisters, or daughters of someone. As a result of numerous limitations in the community, they had no options in their marriages, however, to accept any form of outcomes that might arise.

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