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The system is instrumental to a medical facility because it helps in decision making. It also eliminates any chances of error that may be as a result of inaccuracy of the workers, incompetency or as a result tedious from work from the considerable bulk of work. In the case of Midtown Family Clinic where the entire facility has only two nurses taking care of every responsibility and in the worst scenario when one of the nurses is absent from work (Washington & Stacy, 2018). Proposed IT After understanding the challenges the facility is faced with, a search for EHR that best fit the situation at Midtown Family Clinic was conducted. The clinic was categorized into a general practitioner kind that is operated by a single doctor.

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The patients can make an appointment at any point and the system will be able to convey and save the information. 3 The system should have the billing records for every patient The system is integrated with the billing system, and the medical staff has the platform of making adjustments where necessary and saving them in every patient’s portal. 4 The system must be able to keep every patient personal information All the patients’ personal information such as age, employment status, marital status, gender and many others should be stored in the system for ease of access when the need arises. 5 The system must be able to contain every patient’s lab report. The medical staffs will ensure that every patient’s lab report is uploaded to the portal for the use by both the patient and the doctor and for the confirmation of progress.

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The system will equally ensure that there is the close monitor of money and chances of losing any amount will be reduced to near zero. Ideally, the AdvancedMD will be able to ensure workflow is efficient throughout the facility (Linder et al. The system will be a yardstick to the facility since it will enable the clinic to record the highest improvement in its operation and also the staffs will be able to record higher productivity. The system will make sure that there is of appointment, allocation of resources as well as patient understanding the patient demographics. The staffs will equally be better placed because they will be able to get information regarding payer slip, billing and other financial information with ease.

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The most instrumental hardware Midtown Family Clinic must have are; a desktop and billing machine that will help in capturing any information in finances. The desktop must be in good condition and fast enough to allow processing of bulk information. b) required telecommunication; the facility must put in place appropriate telecommunication that allows for a speedy operation of the system. Therefore, the facility must install a high speed and reliable wireless network and a local connectivity that allows sharing of information. Configuration The system must be compatible with both the internet installed and the Microsoft windows since a device that does not support either will make inefficiency in operation. If the software is effectively implemented, patients will get satisfaction in the kind of service they get and this will make the number of people using the facility increase and eventually an increase in the profit it generates.

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With the funds available, the system will be able to purchase a more advanced system that will finally make the place better. Conclusion As the world is fully becoming digitized, it is important to integrate human labor with the modern technology so as to ensure efficiency and accountability in all departments the within any types of business. Therefore, to ensure the adoption of EHR is successful in a facility, it is ideal to first conduct a survey that indicates the benefits, risks and barrios depending on the size of the hospital and the capacity it handles at any given time. From our survey, the study indicated significant relationship in the benefits and barriers in the adoption of EHR. sciencedirect. com/science/article/pii/S2212017313002594 Linder, J.

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