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This paper will try to find out and analyses the levels of responsibility that will motivate students to achieve the best of their carrier. It will also discuss the benefits of ICT ethics and how they are applied in different fields that need IT intervention or application of IT related causes. Sub-Task 1 Identify one of the seven SFIA 6 responsibility levels that your career skills seeks to achieve and prepare a career plan. Level 4 responsibility as in SFIA 6 As a student that has just graduated, he/she lack the experience that can enable one to perform complex duties within any given company. The graduate might have enough skills, but lack of practice and consistency will ruin their incompetency. The stage also requires the individual to plan and monitor schedules and work to meet quality and time targets.

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One is supposed to absorb new information and effectively apply it rapidly. Lastly maintaining the awareness of technology developing and applications and also carrying the responsibility of own-made development. The above goals will be achieved mainly through commitment and dedication to work. Although as a starter it is associated with several challenges and one has to endure and work with the pressures and demands of the job. 2 months 3-5 weeks 5 weeks 4 weeks Within 1 month 2 months 2 months Obstacles High competition in the job search and lack of experience hinder one from finding job. Career planning is essential as it ensures that the career is moving in the right direction. It also helps in the facilitation of the goals by incorporating aims and actions.

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It makes easy the answering of questions in an interview easy. Through assessing the information, it is easy to determine and fill the gaps that exist in the knowledge and experiences that might be holding back the desired dream. Miss Mc Tester was right and was working and abiding by the law and code of conducts but in contrary Mr. Noway did not want to employ his ethical character in abandoning the fake integrated circuits in fear of making loses and leading to the closure of the company. With the fear of losing her job or any other negative consequence on her job or relationship to the company, she decided to be silent over the story. Ethically she did not act well because she knew the consequence that this would result into that was exhibited later in the case would have been stopped by her.

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After the consequences that led to several deaths and destruction, the council could not act towards the issues basing in mind that ICvendor is the major employer of the city XYZ and so the council did not act upon the matter. The faults from ICvendor Company led to the deaths of two people and some destruction. Honesty Miss Mc Tester tried to be honest by telling out to his boss about the faulty of the integrated circuits, but on the other hand, Mr. Norway did not act according to finds from Mc Tester. The act of dishonesty is also portrayed by Mr. Noway shows dishonesty by not giving credit to other workers for the work done. Ethical decision making Throughout the case study, there was an involvement of the messes.

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