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This unconsciousness is dangerous to any investment as it contributes to various problems in the organization which unless controlled, will lead to collapse of the company, as recently experienced in Australia. THE PROBLEMS The main problem leading to the unconsciousness is lack of convenient IT staff in the department. Basically, any IT staff that is entitled to run the department should be flexible in designing programs that will enhance efficient running of the organization. This however, is not the case in most organizations. Most of the IT staff are relatively in experienced in the field. Inconvenient IT staff also govern IT projects wrongly. Most IT project requires tight governance throughout the process, due to the complexity of the various software used.

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Incomprehensive governance by the management would lead to errors in the project, leading to failure risks. Evison atal. (2006) provided a timely reminder, for managers to be active in IT projects at all items due to a continued case study of directors not remaining physically involved thus leading to IT and IS failed projects. M. , & Chan, K. According to the ACM, the journal of the Association for Computer Machinery, the authors indicates that managerial unconsciousness is rife, in that they lack importance of the IT projects run and a reluctance to tackle tough IT assignments and ask tough questions. It further notes that when any flaw occur in the IT department, little or no action is taken to solve the situation, in a simple claim that the problem will not necessarily affect the running of the business.

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Most organization define availability of IT according to availability of computers, and availability of generic amplifications such as spreadsheets and word processing. ALTERNATIVE MEASURES Various alternatives can be applied to remove live working IT personnel from the organization. Introduction of telephone answering systems can be used to replace live receptionists in office. This will be more efficient in that the telephone answering systems will be programmed and will answer calls at any time of the day, unlike live receptionists who are partially in office. This will ensure that the manager never misses client calls, and also data from all clients will always be available. This is however risky in that a bot cannot be able to enhance customer relations. RECOMMEDATIONS Various measures should be adopted to help prevent managerial IT unconsciousness.

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Experienced IT and IS staff should be employed. This should be achieved by checking and testing the qualification of job applicants, not only by checking certificate qualifications but also by making them to take tests on how to operate on certain software. This will ensure more careful staff who are not ignorant and who have the necessary skills to run the IT projects. This will ensure efficient running of projects in the organization, leading to development of advanced projects that will increase profits in the organizations especially with the continued advancement in technology. The IT management must also ensure good governance of all projects, to prevent errors that would then lead to collapse of part or the whole project. These improvement in the IT management will help reduce the risk percentage in any organization.

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