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The intention of Mary Health Care to employ individuals are able to add overall success to the establishment and also be in the position of bringing atmosphere whereby all the employees are able to give out the understanding of the importance of the mission of the MHC. It is good to know that we just want you to enjoy your job while you are working here and be able to get your full potential. If anyone has got any question or in need of help, please feel free to consult the supervisor who is immediate. This handbook contains some policies that can either be added, deleted or they can also be changed by the Company with its sole discretion. In case of any changes in terms of writing the employees will be informed about it.

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This handbook has got no contract for the employment at any period of time but it only sets procedures as well as policies that can only affect the according to the date that it was issued. This handbook can also be amended at any time without the prior employees notice. Some additional specific procedures and policies of a certain job classification can be added once they are required. Both the MHC and employee have got right of terminating employee relationship anytime with or without notice. There is no manger or supervisor of the Mary Health Care is supposed to enter into an agreement with you in terms of employment at a given time other than the CEO. It is good to contact the clinical officer for more details.

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Wall hangings Posters and pictures of the frame can only be mounted if there is the approval of the Grounds coordinator. Any question related to this should be forwarded to this department. Our walls will not be able to withstand repeated nailing and stapling without the follow up of the painting and repairs. Employee eligibility Mary Health Care will be able to hire people who are legally eligible to do work at the U. The licenses have to be kept current this is because are not allowed to work using licenses that have already expired. As per OSHA classification, the employees need to maintain the current CPR certificates. The representative of the human resource has to be given the renewed licenses.

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Then a copy can be made for your individual file. Human resource orientation During the first day of the employment or when has been scheduled to start a job, they are a department of the human resource usually contact orientation. Part-time workers should work less than 32 hours weekly they are entitled to some of the statutory benefits like workers compensation and social security. Shift work it is paid hourly. Problem-solving The policy of Mary Health Care needs the employees despite their position to take the problems, suggestions, and concerns to the management. The only of a way of addressing issues is y doing this so that the management will be able to know them. The problem should be reported to the supervisor if you are not satisfied with the response of the supervisor it is good to take it to the next level of the supervision.

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Grief leave is in the position of covering the step relation stated above. Court leave; if one is required by the court to act as a witness or on their behalf, PTO becomes appropriate. If the employee is eligible and is supposed to work as a juror, the time that you have been off will be classified to be court leave. It is good to provide legal documents of bringing in the court to the supervisor to get off form. After completion of court obligation, it is good to give out the check of the services and then get to sign to MHC. This policy has got the purpose of giving out guidelines and procedure of steps of the employees to follow once they have got a work-related injury.

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Injuries get at the job are compensated by the worker's compensation insurance. Attendance and punctuality This is one of the important factors in the company. It is good to note that we usually work as a team and there it is good for each individual to be at the right place at the right time. it is advisable for the employee to get at a scheduled place like 15 minutes before the start of shift and then get a full report of the previous nurse so that you will be able to familiarise with the updates of the previous day. gov/archive/technicalassistance/resourcecenter/managementandfinance/employeehandbookchc. pdf Melton, G. B. , Petrila, J. , Poythress, N. S. , & Davis, R. D.  A handbook for psychological fitness-for-duty evaluations in law enforcement.

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