Engagement of Employees in Social Media Program

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Adoption of the right social media tools, support, leadership and employees’ engagement can make use of social media to be the best sources of digital engagement which will help organizations attain their goals. The first step in introducing social media platform is by educating and training employees on how to use proven social media strategies to promote the brand of the organization (Naim & Lenka, 2017). The management will organize a training session to educate employees on proper utilization of social media in the workplace. Secondly, the workplace should be well supplied with internet for the project to kick-off. The third step is by establishing policies that will guide employees in the use of social media. The second step I would take evaluating the effectiveness of introducing the Facebook program is determining the key program components (Bliss & Emshoff, 2002).

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I will achieve this by creating and answering broad questions such as which social media programs are to be adopted? This includes various kinds of social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Another question to be answered is what are the information to be shared on social media? Depending on the type of organization when implementing the use of social media, business companies can decide to post the various products and services sold together with their prices and their location. Another question is how often will employees be required to post contents on their social media websites? Social media program evaluation team will achieve this by evaluating the policies and guidelines on the use of social media in the workplace.

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The final question to be asked in evaluating the effectiveness of the program is by asking which are the targeted population in the social media and lastly how will the social media program be managed in the organization? Evaluation team needs to identify if the target customers of a given age group are popular users of social media (Bliss & Emshoff, 2002). I will also use qualitative methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs through surveys, interviews with employees and client on their experience with the organization’s social media platforms. I will proceed to consider a management information system MIS in the data evaluation exercise (Bliss & Emshoff, 2002). I will make use technological application that will be useful in the organization, storing and retrieving data easily.

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Information that I will include in this program case in the management information system includes social media activities, customers remarks on the social media websites, client contacts, and their locations. The next step I will take in the evaluation process is the collection of data and analysis (Bliss & Emshoff, 2002). (Bliss & Emshoff, 2002). It is also important to note that Engaging social media platform to employees does not necessarily mean the creation of social website pages and employing individuals to operate it. It implies the creation of a social culture that encourages employees to make use of their social media websites to market their firms. References Bliss, M. J. Investigating the Impact of Social Media on Gen Y Employees' Engagement. tional Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals, 29-48.

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