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Finally, the organizational change that is required in the in integrating the enterprise systems are discussed in this paper. Table of Contents sExecutive summary 2 Introduction 3 The contributions of enterprise system to organizational performance 4 Keeping business data in a format that is easily usable 4 Security of customer data 5 Information access in real-time 5 Enterprise system reduces the cost of business operations 5 Enterprise systems automate the processes of customer service for the employees 6 Enterprise system helps the organization perform to scale the resources available as it is required 6 It maximize infrastructure reliability which is necessary for the customer service 7 How the contributions of enterprise system is measured 7 The forces pushing business to adopt the supply chain management 7 The need to increase and improve the product and material flow 8 The need to have a seamless flow of information 8 The need to have an enhanced flow of finance 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction In the 21st century, the most important resource that is mostly applied in operation and managing organizations is the information technology.

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Information technology in this era helps an organization in many aspects. Security, social media and operations that are related to the customer service are the many aspects that information technology touches in the modern enterprise. Technology is also the centre of the creation of jobs that are related to the developing mobile application and architects of data (Buonanno, G. History of customers order is the example of the data that should be stored in a quite easily analyzed form. This is of importance for the case of order processing (Child, J. The ability of a business to easily retrieve the customer’s information so as to answer their questions is an indicator of improving the level of customer satisfaction. Security of customer data Due to customer data security breach in the recent past, securing the data of customers is an essential priority is of great importance.

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The breach of customer data security has occurred in many large companies also those of multinational status example is Sony, Target, and Home Depot companies of which it costs quite a large amount of money. Enterprise systems automate the processes of customer service for the employees. The most notable benefit for the companies using the enterprise system is when they implement and start using the enterprise resource planning system (ERP). It helps in streamlining the company’s goals in improving the customer’s service experience. The ERP is useful as it gives the business a leeway in automating their customer service process. This, in turn, helps in ensuring that every employee gives the customers an experience that lasts long, further, to make sure that the functions of the back office are also streamlined in a good manner (Rajan, R.

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It maximize infrastructure reliability which is necessary for the customer service The organization performance benefits as there is reliability increment when compared to the small-scale information technology solutions. The result will be that the system will have little to downtime while the uptime increases. This facilitates the information technology to collect data and operate in a proper way. This serves in the creation of a solid and continuous customer experience. How the contributions of enterprise system is measured The contributions of the enterprise system are determined by the benefits the business acquires when they implement it. There will be also improvement of the inventory management which targets avoiding the underproduction. The adoption will also remove any aspect of the delays hence allowing continuous traceability of products.

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Business speed is at long last optimized in making profits when the supply chain management is adopted. The need to have a seamless flow of information This is another driver that forces business to adopt a supply chain management. With the continuous customers demanding for the real-time response and easily accessible to product information, uninterrupted supply chain content should be available to provide this to the customers. The manual and silo processes that are slow 3. Lack of the employee empowerment which results in the costly processes 4. Invoice reconciliation delays which result in the high day's sales Integrating supply chain management into business helps in addressing the above challenges that involve cash flow. It helps the business to deeply evaluate the current process, come up with links that are weaker and which slows down proper financial flow, hence determining the right answers to which address the above issues (Stevens, G.

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C. This is the optimum level for the technology to perform at the highest level. The employment of people who are technology is mandatory for the organization that includes an enterprise system. Conclusion In summary, an enterprise system is a technology that has many advantages to a business operation once it is implemented and integrated into the business structure. The supply chain management, on the other hand, helps a company achieve its goals as it strives to make the flow of products, information without distortion. This has a benefit since time will be saved to increase the rate of business hence making more profits. Organizational structure, environment and performance: The role of strategic choice. sociology, 6(1), pp. Christopher, M. Logistics & supply chain management.

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