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In my life, I have had a lot of sad experiences most of which have left me completely traumatized. This is so because of the very many weird experiences I have had to deal with and this has been the case albeit my age which is very young. That aside, lack of proper parental guidance might have as well contributed to the problems I have been facing and thus making me feel like the entire world is against me. This paper seeks to have a comprehensive review of my life situation and my decision to see a psychic who I assumed will be the ultimate solution to the many problems that I was going through as at that time. While doing so, there are various aspects of communication that will be looked at and their various roles in ensuring that I got the necessary help I required will also be focused on.

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That aside, the number of problems and dramas I was handling were enough already and I felt like I needed to take a serious break from them all and the only way that seemed to be reliable as at this time is the use of a psychic. Indeed, having given myself enough courage and reasons to see one, I finally decided I was going to do the same and by the time I would be clearing my sessions with the expert, I was more than certain that my problems would come to an end. Proxemics could best be described as the sub group of knowledge that focuses on the amount of space an individual feels would be safe to have between them and other people.

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It is said that this space varies from one individual to the other and is normally affected by factors such as one’s upbringing and the type of family one is raised in. according to myself, I expected that the proxemics recommended by the psychic would be one that expects me to keep myself close to people. Kinesics refer to the ability of an expert to look at ones body movements and predict or rather tell of what they intend to do. I expected that this would also be a point of concern since thanks t the various traumatic moments I had been going through, my body was in such a way that an slight changes in the environment would make me react.

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I expressed most of my feelings and emotions through the body movements that I made. Therefore I pretty much expected that she would talk of this. Oculesics refers to the study of one’s movement of the eyes, the behaviors that they perform using the eyes and use that to communicate some message. My environment was definitely the most important aspect that the psychic had to cover. This is so because most of the pain and sad moments I was going through were as a result of the actions that the people close to me caused. Something about my environment made me feel so uncomfortable. It was more than expected that he or she would say something about it and I knew this would play a major role in helping me out since it was my main cause of problems.

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