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While there exists the negatives attributed of social media use, the positive aspects accruing from social media has created seamless communication channels that have strengthened interpersonal, business and societal relations while contributing to making the world a global village (Bao, 2011). History of Social Media The first form of social media was the use of email services invented in 1975. Since the times, social media has advanced to allow the development of profiles that integrate email use. Modern social media tools have changed ways that people interact therefore providing the world with limitless tools (Boweni, 2015). With this kind of proliferation, developers and programmers are dedicating resources towards research and development to ensure better features for new growth demands. Blogging has been around for a considerable duration of time that has permitted people to message and partake in creative expression, therefore, spreading ideas and stories.

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People tend to shares literature through crafted poems, music interests, shows, hobbies, photographs, and many other items. Individuals can also actively indulge in event invitations for friends as opposed to mail invitations. Erik Qualman states that "we don't have a choice on whether we do social media; the choice is how well we do it" (Khanlari, 2015) People from all over the globe utilize social media in its various forms to chat with friends, stay up to date with information, and read online content. However, despite the widespread use alongside the popularity, a significant number of people are ignorant of the impact or implications of online social media concerning business organizations. Some of these avenues for self-expression comprise of podcasts that enables users to convey critical information that may inspire fellow members.

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Users in the present world aggregate on social media to discuss and share ideas on matters that bring them towards each other. For example, the utilization of blogging facilities creates awareness on customizable items that potentially shed light on issues. Facebook has created platforms that allow users to share products among current and prospective users. Social media creates faculties for business organizations to instigate professional networks that enable brand awareness online. Analysis Effect of social media in Education Students and tutors in the present world are familiar with computers and technological gadgets that enable them to utilize technology and internet resources. Students and tutors communicate on social media to discuss educational matters. Social media boosts the quality of life of students to the extent that some schools are contemplating utilizing using social media as an educational tool (Khanlari, 2015).

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The consistent use of these internet platforms has enhanced the technological skills of students and exposing them to a plethora of perceptions on trivial matters of daily existence. This has had a considerable effect on boosting communication skills as students expand their minds through interaction with different cultures. Social network providers create filter tools for such businesses to use in such a manner that specific items only appear to customers who have specific details on their profiles. Companies utilize social to attain business aims like boosting annual sales growths. All businesses now realize the benefit posed by social media in creating two-way communication between the organization and stakeholders. As such, this platform supports company processes, policies, and procedures such as customer relationship management, market research, client base expansion, customer retention exercise, product marketing, cost control measures, public relations, sales, and human resources recruitment (Isga et al, 2016).

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Effect of social media on communication Social media has contributed immensely to dialogue adding to easy access of information with the aid of mobile devices. Social networking has created avenues for crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing happens when companies acquire information on a specific task or project by indulging the participation of a large number of people who would require payments or not with the aid of internet. Crowdsourcing is a product of the social media use that has eased work in various degrees. With crowdsource design, individuals looking for logo designs can inform designers of their requirements including how they would receive payments, how much they would pay, and a bidding platform where interested designers can post relevant information on what they can do (Bao, 2011).

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Crowdfunding has also been a growing phenomenon courtesy of social media. Before the birth of social media, businesses relied on the use of print media to send messages to potential customers. These marketing strategies strengthen relationships between company and customers with real-time online connections between company agents and customers. Companies have the opportunity to communicate vital information to clients regarding their brands and in-turn the company benefits from instant replies from customers. The higher the amount of communication, the higher the relationship established between customers and companies (Lee, 2014). Adverse effects of social media in the US The use of social networking comprises negative impacts. This has posed the same problem as texting while driving. Lastly, health experts have warned users over the emission of dangerous electromagnetic waves that the body and brain absorb.

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