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Ethics aims to cover concepts like how good one should live life, responsibilities and rights of someone, right or wrong language and moral decisions which aim at differentiating right or wrong. Ethical concepts can be derived from philosophies, cultures and religion. They can be argued from topics touching on human rights, abortion and how a person professionally conducts themselves (Bailey, 70). Before understanding where our ethical values come from, one needs to know the ethics approaches and their use. Philosophers are nowadays dividing ethical theories in three areas namely normative ethics, ethical principle and meta-ethics. Something, therefore, is considered right and this is because it was declared so by God. Therefore, if someone wants to live a worthy life, they should do what God desires (Vitell et al.

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Intuitionists are people who think that a good thing does not need any justification because it is naturally good. They believe that adults are the ones able to detect good or bad. They argue that humans can detect good and real morals that are true. There is also a non-consequentialism concerned about the actions rather than the consequences. It argues that whatever the consequences are, certain acts are either right or wrong themselves. Ethics can also come from the upbringing of a person. A person can be brought up to believe certain things are right and others are wrong. Characters of a person’s parents can influence the general ethics of a person. Hannafey, Francis T. "Restored to Earth: Christianity, Environmental Ethics, and Ecological Restoration.

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