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Men are finding themselves in a difficult situation from the historical norm where they dominated and had a strong economic and societal role to a new reality where they have to fight for a space in the future economy. Men are being faced with a dilemma of whether to embrace women's strategies of compassion, effective communication and caring to become competitive. Due to the change in attitude relating to gender in the society, there have been a number of changes alleged to empowering women so they are given equal opportunities as men. The campaigns directed to such changes are being successful therefore women are being seen to get equal opportunities to men. This paper will discuss how society has changed and how the current trends are likely to impact gender relations in the future.

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Secondly, the reduction in the pay gap between men and women will increase the respect society has for women. Women will be more respected if they earn same as the men in the same career (Caleo and Heilman, 2014). The current trends of women joining leadership positions are enforcing their role in global economic development. The world is changing rapidly with women taking on leadership roles in corporate and even as the head of states. Women equality movement and affirmative actions have helped greatly in propelling the women in leadership positions and changing the social norms. A good example is the prime minister of Iceland, Johanna Sigurdardottir who campaigned against the male elites. She vowed to fight and end the testosterone age. In future, these trends will lead to reduced level of respect to the male gender by women and the society at large hence resulting in conflict between the genders (Rosin, 2010).

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Secondly, there will be a role reversal in the society and in the corporate world. Competition for top jobs and ordinary employment has caused many men to become unemployed. Many couples are preferring female gender as their children compared to male (Rosin, 2010). In the 1970s up to 1990s, most American families and couples preferred male children and more so as their firstborns. This attitude was replicated in many societies globally especially in Asia and Africa. This has since changed as girls are now favoured to boys. The role of choosing the gender of the children in this scientific and technology era has been dominated by women. Women feel empowered when they can control all aspects of their life. Secondly, the time has gone when women could not own property in some countries.

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Progressive social changes have allowed women to own land and houses in communities previously considering this as a taboo. Women for a very long time have been considered weak and need to be taken care of by the male gender, therefore, having the rights to own property can be considered as a vital step in cultural progress. Thirdly, women now have matrimonial rights for inheritance and a substantial share of property during divorce. It is notable that these trends will affect the future gender relations as they will affect the respect and decency accorded to men by women and the society at large. Work cited Caleo, Suzette, and Madeline E. Heilman. Is this a man’s world? Obstacles to women’s success in male-typed domains. Gender in organizations: Are men allies or adversaries to women's career advancement (2014): 217-233.

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