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The paper will highlight the mission and vision statement of this facility. The rest of the paper discusses the leadership competencies that can be applied in this facility in order to accomplish the organizational goals and realize its mission and vision. The leadership competencies discussed include communication and relationship management, professionalism, leadership, and knowledge of the healthy environment. Lastly, the paper ends with a conclusion. Introduction The healthcare hospital selected for this research paper is Andalusia Health hospital that is situated in Alabama. The Andalusia Health hospital has both mission and vision statements as well as five core principles that play a key role in accomplishing its mandate of care and service delivery to all people. The mission of Andalusia Health hospital is “Making Communities Healthier” and its vision is “we want to create places where people choose to come for healthcare, physicians want to participate, and employees want to work” ("Mission, Vision and High Five | Andalusia Health," n.

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d. It is important for all leaders in the healthcare profession to lead all the employees using the best leadership styles that ensure that every person carries out their mandates in line with the mission and vision of the healthcare facility. There should lead by example by ensuring that all patients are offered with high-quality care and service delivery that is cost-effective. I would motivate and inspire others by articulating the vision of Andalusia and its strategic goals and objectives and recognizing the organizational culture as well as establishing and supporting a conducive work environment that helps the people to adapt to ever-changing trends in the health sector. Therefore, a health leader should have the ability and skills to communicate concisely and clearly with both internal and external clients and also the healthcare workforce, create and maintaining collaborations and partnerships, and ensure constructive interactions with all people.

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Professionalism Health leaders are required to align organizational and personal conduct with the professional and ethical standards that comprise of taking the responsibility of patients and the entire society, staying committed to continuous learning and improvements, and service orientation. As a health leader in Andalusia Health facility, I would set a good example to others by adhering to the key values that include the code of conduct that has been formally agreed and the informal expected outcomes by patients, colleagues, and the community as a whole. The set of values comprise of the health professionals acting in the best interests of patients, responding promptly to health needs of entire society, and ensuring that highest standards of excellence in relation to care delivery and practice of the field of healthcare as well as sharing knowledge with others.

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Knowledge management in this facility can stimulate cultural innovation and change. As a leader, I would play a leading role to help all the healthcare workforce in Andalusia Health facility to accept and adopt the change in order to realize the organizational goals and vision. I would also establish a program on effective knowledge management that would help the team members to adopt change and create a conducive environment where they can freely raise their ideas in order to encourage innovations in the hospital. Conclusion In conclusion, leaders in healthcare profession should focus on thinking strategically and applying their leadership competencies in order to enhance their performance in providing leadership to other people within the facility. Therefore, leaders in healthcare sector should for aim at improving their leadership and strategic thinking skills in order to provide great leadership in achieving organizational goals and realizing mission and vision.

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