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It is also reported that women are used to luring women. The second popular type of human trafficking includes forced labour and declined to 18 percent. The report also estimated 20 percent of children are victims of human trafficking. However, the statistics differ depending on the continent. For instance in West Africa, Children are the most affected (UNODC). The report also highlighted that traffickers and victims share a lot in common. They hail from the same location, ethnic background and speak the same language. The commonalities mentioned above are essential in helping traffickers to earn trust and execute their criminal activities. UNODC (7) states, women are used to luring their fellow women and girls into criminal activities. It is easier for a fellow woman to build a rapport and trust before executing malicious intentions.

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The big fishing industries run by large companies exploit women for sexual exchange. In Africa, lakes are the common ground that sexual exploitation happens. Underage girls are used in exchange (UNODC 7). Human trafficking happens locally, and it is reported that close to 42 percent of identified cases are domestic. However, there are some cases that traffickers cross the border for international trade. Regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean in addition to Central America, children are the most affected in the slavery. Demographics, legislative, institutional framework in addition to priorities are some of the reasons why such areas are prone to such criminal activities. The regional human trafficking process differs depending on the sex of the victim. UNODC (27) identified Sub-Saharan African nation’s focuses more on boys rather than girls. The worst hit regions for sex trafficking and forced labour according to a new report released by the United States Department of States singled out Belarus, Russia, Iran, and Turkmenistan.

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The report urged Moscow to act in accordance with the established law by investigating all the allegations to curb human trafficking. The information will be essential in verifying facts before repatriating migrants. Also, will aid in ensuring the law enforcement officials have a formal national procedure of conducting such activities. The other nation Belarus also constrained forced labour for civil servants, part-time workers, students, local people suffering from alcohol and drug dependency, unemployed and government critics. US Department of States (230-231) claim the law in Iran violates human rights, for instance, human trafficking victims are subjected to death. The impact of sex trafficking leads to different health hazards. For instance, unsafe sex activities in an unusual environment then increase the chances of rampant transmission of sexual diseases. The common types of sexually transmitted diseases comprise HIV, vaginal tearing other negative effects of sexual trafficking includes miscarriages and unwanted pregnancies (Rijal et al.

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The victims of human trafficking suffer from physical violence leading to mild disabilities and in some serious cases may lead to death. Cases of Mental disorders are common in girls sexual trafficked. Following or not following the orders depends on the system and actions. Wise people may discuss issues and solutions to ensure stoic philosophies are essential in decision making. The sharp distinction a wise person makes differentiated him or her from a fool (Annas 62-60). According to Emotions may emerge thus the distinction between the wise from the foolish. Mastering ethical principles call for good stoic strength. However, they can argue the desperate situation of poor socio-economic and political situations forces them to divert their attention into criminal activities. The situation becomes more complex, especially, when the government fails to protect its citizens from criminal activities.

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The UNODC emphasizes on government officials to put all measures in place to combat any form of modern slavery. The process of curbing forced labour and sexual slavery cannot be complete without ethics. Government officials are supposed to put themselves in the shoes of the oppressed individuals and act accordingly to curb the vices in the society. While Pakistan failed to instruct law officers to ensure they work by the law to prosecute human trafficking perpetrators. The government aims to offer public security to all of its citizens; ensuring there are diverse values, culture, and beliefs. The process of ensuring the ethical principles are designed and implemented to protect citizens is key and matter of making a wise decision. Therefore complying with the ethical principles of ensuring people can differentiate good from evil and vice versa will go a long way towards minimizing crime in the society.

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