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There are also minor characters involved, for example, Amanda's mother, Captain Jack and his wife. The moral dilemma sets in after the little girl Amanda gets kidnapped. Later on, the child's mother (who happens to be a drug addict) hires private detectives to look for the child. In the investigation process, detective Patrick and Angie come to terms with the truth and finally realizes that the kidnapping was a planned action to enable Amanda to live with Captain Jack's family, where she gets raised in a rather better way than what she had been accustomed. The following essay will be based on the critical analysis of ethical theories, focusing purposely on the Kantianism theory and show how it is applied in the movie, ‘Gone Baby Gone' by various characters.

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"I did what I did for the sake of the child" (Captain Jack Dole) The moral dilemma in the movie gets brought up when Amanda's mother, privately hires detective Patrick and his fiancé to look for Amanda. The task bestowed upon detective Patrick and the wife pinprick the issue of moral dilemma throughout the movie. Therefore, showing the usefulness of doing what is right despite the availability of irresponsible choices to make. Kant states that sane human beings should act according to the stipulated rules and not through acts of self-interest. To begin with, Patrick and his wife get faced with a dilemma of choosing if they should be involved in the investigation process to rescue Amanda from the hands of the kidnappers or not "we want to hire you to augment the investigation of Amanda.

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Patrick goes on and shoots the pedophile on the back of the head. This signifies the action of doing what is right for long-term advantages which makes everyone happy. The ethical problem presented in the movie Gone Baby Gone creates room for comparison between the utilitarian theory and Kant's theory. In the film, Patrick is privately hired to look for the kidnapped child, Amanda. As he genuinely takes up the responsibility, he gets faced with adamant situations which require him to act against the law for the sake of the future happiness of the people "I am calling the state police in five minutes they will be here in 10. Conclusion The Kantianism theory and the utilitarianism theory have two distinct characteristics used to define morality.

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According to Kant's philosophy, the act of actions is supposed to be guided by the use of the current laws in the society while on the other hand, Mills theory advocates for exemplary work that will contribute to the general happiness of the people who should mostly be judged by the outcome. After a critical study of theories, we can conclude that there is a clear distinction between the two methods in studying ethical dilemma. The comparison enhances the development of new moral ideas for the study of philosophy. Work Cited Atherton, Matthew C. com/watch?vkEw=itPTyd3D Kant, Immanuel. Kant: The metaphysics of morals. Cambridge University Press,(2017) 134- 345 Mackie, John L. "Can There be a Right‐Based Moral Theory?.

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