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Weave Tech’s high-performance culture hinders Franks from making this decision together with the agreement of lifetime employment that was previously embraced by the company. Frank is required to write his recommendation to the board concerning the layoff proposal. Ethical dilemmas are faced by developing companies, the decision between what’s good for the people and what’s good for the company creates conflicts within the company. While some decision makers prefer to maintain the workforce, others prefer layoffs to cut down cost. To analyze this case, the discussion below analyses the logic and the recommendations Frank should make to the board. The company should consider hiring lawyers and consulting layoff professionals to issue guidance on the processes of layoff documentation and how to handle post-layoff considerations.

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Layoffs cause emotional distress for downsized employees, their families depend on their income, and therefore, laying them off would cause financial strains to the affected families. The company should consider the best alternatives before sending away its employees layoffs not only affect employees but also affect the company (Weisshaar, 34-60). The effect on the employees is often short term; however, the company can experience the effect of such layoffs both in the short run and in the long run. The benefits the company seek to reap from laying of its employees will be subsidized by the cost the company incurs the loss of skilled employees. Therefore, the management should take the necessary steps and have valid reasons for laying off its employees.

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