Evaluation of biometric access control solution for smart cars

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The study has outlined the basic idea of the biometrics, the general information, the advantages and the weaknesses of its working. Also, the study realizes that there are both strengths and weaknesses of the systems. It, therefore, capitalizes on the strengths and leaves an open platform for more research work on the improvement of the systems. In as much as the study is very wide, the work is fairly comprehensive by itself. However, it leaves the study open to more research work as the work is inexhaustible. The system can generate the verification from a videos and digital photos and data base and use them in the security systems of the smart cars in terms of access. On the other hand, the finger print ISIS identification is highly efficient in the smart car access.

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It involves detection and visualization of finger prints from crime scenes with the use of fluorescent films that are colour-changing. It leads to a positive identification from the hidden fingerprints on the metal surfaces, bullet casings, knives and guns. It is believed that as a touch any surface, it deposits sweat and oils in a way that indicates the formation of the ridges and furrows on the fingers. The system takes a photo of the driver and compares it to the one stored in a database. The GPS module is handy in monitoring the car’s location. Additionally, access to a smart card may be regulated by using the biometric of fingerprint processors that are digital integrated circuits. The circuits process the input and output of the decision as a match or no match.

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On the other hand, on-board cameras scan the iris for verification of the driver of the smart cars. The study covers smart cars as the target population using document analysis and observation as the principal data collection instruments. Authentication of a driver by fingerprints, iris, and the palm is a method that is easy to use. The access of a smart car heavily relies on the fact that each person has a different pattern on the fingerprint, different iris, and palm formation. The authentication uses the database to compare and contrast these special features of the driver (Joseph et al. Should the verification be successful, access into a smart card is authorized. This means that they are ready to part with an extra sum of money in this undertaking.

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However, they enjoy security at the end of the day. On the other hand, the use of access systems is another useful method then car users cannot ignore. The systems include the Multi-Biometric Face Recognition, Smart Card Fingerprint Door, TCP Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint, RFID Reader Proximity Card, Built-in Li-battery Biometric Fingerprint just to mention a few. All of the systems are sophistically developed to meet the demand of the ever-developing world (Stankovic, 2014). It offers a great path through which such issues related to theft is prevented. Whenever an individual try to scan through the systems of the company and overcome great inhibitors, they will not be able to be successful. The system will be able to recognise only the real owners and keep away any individual who are not the real owners (Stobbe, 2003).

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This is a great implementation that smart cars usually have. Also, the vehicles can only allow the individuals it recognises to undertake its operations. They have prevented the different threats that is available. The problem of theft and unprepared damages is never witnessed by the new system. The system ensures that the right considerations have been undertaken and that the best possible issues have been considered. Results In recent years, Biometrics has proved to be a very powerful invention. The result is that different industries have been in a position to deny unauthorized access. Biometrics have also come with accountability. Log-ins using Biometrics are associated with different events. The audit trail of the activities that result from Biometrics makes it easy to associate an activity with a particular person.

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Ease and safety have been achieved by the invention of the Biometrics. Just a mere scan or a photo is the only requirement in the process. The user may end up using a password that is very long and ends up forgetting it. Smart cars, therefore, guarantees that the registered user is the only person that passes the control access test. Discussion It is true that Biometrics has revolutionized the whole world. Most of the sectors if not all of the economies rely greatly on Biometrics. The transport industry is not left. The resultant small inaccuracy can be the fact that it leads to its utility. The environment and usage affect its measurement. Its versatility and the environment that affect measurement in different ways makes it hard to use it.

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