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It is vital to follow the standard process because it leads to reduced chances and cost of acquiring a wrong system and it also facilitates a timely acquisition of the expected system. Project Scope The project scope provides the deliverables of the system. It helps define the system requirements, the analysis of the cost-benefit, the tasks that the designated team to handle and the deadline of acquiring the new system to achieve the organizational goals in a scheduled manner. The elements of the project scope are aligned with the system objectives and the organization. For the case of Valley Practice, the steering committee follows a required process of evaluating the project scope. Concerning the Valley Practice, Dr. Brown takes the initiative of forming a team of diversified individuals including physicians and nurses among others.

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As such, the team made up of individuals from different units makes it possible to generate different opinions concerning the functionality of the new system to achieve the organizational mission, vision, and objectives. Vendor Selection Process It is important for the committee to realize that system acquisition process is a complex process that calls for critical evaluation of specific aspects in detail. Regarding the vendor selection process, various factors need to be considered to establish a reliable vendor who can deliver a system that can successfully support the achievement of the organizational goals. From the case study, it is evident that the system acquisition steering committee put much effort into getting the most reliable, experienced and certified vendor. Dr. Marcus suggests that the team need to identify the top three EHR products available in the market.

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Also, the committee chair leads the team in identifying eight vendors to undergo the vendor evaluation process. It is evident that the steering committee took a rigorous evaluation of the identified vendors. Brown that the committee members develop five projects goals and the guidance of achieving the activities. The team also incorporates Ms. Moore, a consultant how offers assistance in defining the goals and requirements of the new system. Furthermore, the other team members including Dr. Ward, Mr. Some of the important elements include the experience of the vendors and the availability of the vendors to offer after-sale services such as periodic system maintenance. The assessment of Valley Practice case shows the steering committee are involved in preparing a short RFP that aids in evaluating the suitability of the vendors in providing a system that will help the Valley Practice achieve its mission of offering the best healthcare services to patients.

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It is evident that the committee utilizes the presence of consulting firms in developing the RFP. It is an important step because it helps the committee to critically asses the suitability of the bidding vendors to provide an EHR system that can support the achievement of Valley Practice mission. Consequently, the committee ends up selecting the best vendor by eliminating the unfit vendors through an evaluation and comparison of the RFP from different vendors. The case provides the evidence which supports the idea that Valley Practice is in the right track of pursuing the mission of being the most recognized organization in offering healthcare services. Project Management Tools to Consider A successful project implementation requires the projects team to have a suitable plan of carrying out different activities.

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Acquisition of a new system such as the EHR system requires the system acquisition committee to decide on the best management tools that can help the team members to carry out various activities promptly (Marchewka, 2014). The three significant management tools that Valley Practice system acquisition committee may choose include the Gantt chart, collaboration tool, and dashboard. The tools serve the sole purpose of ensuring the different activities of acquiring the EHR system are completed promptly. It is an important tool because it can help the Valley Practice to have the EHR system in operation within the expected timeline. System Implementation Risks It is imperative to realize that a project such as a system acquisition involves a significant number of participants and it can face some challenges when some parties are less cooperative.

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