Evolution of Medical Treatment

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it was until creation of this interest medical practitioners decided to take greater interest in the body itself and also explore the meaning of both causes and effects,. Researchers went ahead to research on the different symptoms of various illness and the failure or success of various treatments. There two well-known researchers Asclepius and Hippocrates who basically focused on medical practice on the following basics natural approach and the treatment of the diseases, explaining the importance of determining and understanding the patients’ health. They also tackled the importance of making patients mind calm and the need to maintain peace and harmony bet2een the individual and his or her social and natural environment as reflected in the Hippocratic Oath (Osler, Pg.

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The aim of studying the evolution of the medical treatment research was to presentation of the philosophy of providing care to the people of ancient Greece and highlight Hippocrates’s idea concerning the modern health care practices’ literature review was used to explain medical treatment activities using both international database and browse method. The study of physiology, anatomy and health of those who needed health services had certain obligations. Psychology in Greece aimed at researching about source of different diseases which in turn they promoted the health status of individuals. Although those people who worked in health service had certain obligations as a result formation of different medical schools people developed different perception towards the exercise of different medical practices. One of the physicians by the name Knidos focused on diseases that affected patients.

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But the most philosophy done was medical thinking founded by Asclepius and focused mainly on health and the importance of understanding the patients’ health and their status. These health promotions occurred only during Olympic Games since it was during these activities when they were taken care of against injuries therefore they were provided with certain diets in order to improve performance. Interventions on trauma care. Wars were very common in ancient Greece. During this exploration of Trojan War there were many different treatment practices which were used to heal wounds. For the treatment of these wounds the medicine was obtained from nature that is medicinal plants, vinegars, sea waters and honey. Patients were supposed to sleep while at the temple since it was believed that during sleep they could be visited by the god for healing.

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Those whom were not healed would stay back till they were healed. Another exploration was observed by Hippocrates concerning mental care interventions and art therapy. These disorders were viewed as the effect of nature on man and they were just treated as the other diseases. He claimed that brain was the controller of everything and it was responsible for the mental illness and that sensitivity and intelligence reached the brain through the mouth by the process of breathing. Through his extensive knowledge since the wounds were having some liquids he claimed that they could only be healed by keeping it dry after a better treatment using pure water or wine. In addition he believed that whenever a pus was formed it was a sign of reduction of wounds complication as a result of frequent occurrence of infections.

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