Factors Influencing Cybersecurity Introduction

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Research questions • Do organizational factors influence internet infrastructure and governance? • Do social factors influence internet regulation and policy? • What are the economic and political factors affecting internet regulation and policy? Introduction Many organizations are prone to threats with respect to their information systems and data. It therefore means that inorder to deal efficiently and effectively to these threats, an understanding of the basic components is an important step in curbing them. Corporations, military, government, medical and financial organizations collect process and store large amounts of data on computer and related devices. These data are sensitive and any unauthorized access to them may pose threat and have negative consequences. Security should thus be a top mind priority across entities and the mandate emanates from the top management.

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Cybersecurity can de defined in basic terms as the process enhancing and protecting the safety of cyberspace and any component from an authorized intrusion. It can also be defined as the body of processes, technologies and programs which are modified and established to protect data, programs, computer and networks from possible attack, damage or unauthorized access.  ("Cybersecurity and Corporate Governance" 133). This paper shall approach both qualitative and emprical anaylisis of factors influencing cybersecurity and internet infrastructure policies and shall be geared to develop an innformation that shall guide various users in designing and establishing policies that enhance internet regulation guidelines. Works Cited "Cybersecurity and Corporate Governance. Mounier, Pierre. "Internet governance and the question of legitimacy. " Governance, Regulation and Powers on the Internet, pp.

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