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He observed that the mind is self-awareness and consciousness while the brain is a physical base of intelligence, (Descartes, 1903). He also expounded on the connection between the body and the mind. According to Descartes, the mind controls the behavior and actions of the body, and the body influences the mind as well. The connection between body and mind go parallel in forming human nature (Descartes, 1998). In my own understanding of this philosophy, the mind enables us to make decisions and function as human beings enabling us to survive. This character is formed as a result of what the body went through and what the mind registered about this experience. The philosophy of mind has helped me understand myself better. I take my time to analyze situations before taking actions.

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I do not like rushing into things as is the nature of today’s world where everyone wants to be seen as up to date. I grew up with parents who guided me to be a person with a strong personality. Suddenly the lights went out and the lift started dropping drastically. I screamed my lungs out while screaming I heard noises outside as well. It felt as if the world was crumbling and I was helpless. My heartfelt like it would burst out of my chest. Then suddenly the left stopped. However, to date I am no friend to earthquakes; I don’t even visit regions that are prone to frequent earthquake. This is an emotion attached to the experience I had and a reaction that is provoked as a result of the memory stored in my brain.

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Learning this philosophy has helped me understand better the connection between my mind and my body. Cartesian Doubt Descartes meditation resulted to him concluding philosophy is the nature of knowledge, a theory of reality and existence that acts as a guide for a principal of behavior, (Descartes, 1984). In my own words, philosophy is the knowledge and understanding of how the world works. The contradiction of different sets of knowledge and information I obtain makes me further inquisitive about life. I remember when former US President Obama was elected to power. He held the record of being the first African president in America. This sparked different sets of emotions worldwide. The Africans were so proud and felt elevated while the white race had mixed emotions.

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As expected my conclusion has currently left me seeking answers as to why humans feel the need to be superior to others. As clearly seen, all my questions had answers that still left me asking why. Philosophy of religion Despite all his knowledge and meditations Descartes never lost in faith in God. He believed in a higher power that resides over all humans, (Descartes, 1955). Although members of my family are not religious extremist, they have faith in the higher deity, God. It didn’t matter which of the two religions I chose what mattered is I had faith in God. Going through this class, I realize that philosophy has shaped my understanding of the world and my personality. References Descartes, R.

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