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Alongside the federal law; Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, that allow forfeiture on the property used in facilitating the possession of a controlled material, there exists federal penalties drug trafficking, (Kautt,2002). The fine could be ranging in millions of dollars and therefore someone in its possession is always keen and ineligible in possessing a firearms as well as to receive the benefits of federal such as grants as well as the student loans. Public policies concerning drug abuse There are federal regulations established to control misuse of drugs in the aim of ensuring a drug-free society. Controlled substance import and export Act that controls the possession and intentional import and export of illegal drugs such as heroin, (Collins, 1974). The American government set a budget for the outreach program to create an awareness of the side effects of drugs Abuse and the prevention measures to the youth as early as possible.

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This goes one with the federal laws that govern the spread and distribution of the drugs. If the policy is not appropriate it builds frustrating practice mechanism. Advancement of human rights, social and economic justice Social policy ensures no discrimination that should arise based on ensuring the access to medication to all people whether prisoners, people in rehabilitation centers or those living with disability without discrimination. Access for justice through legal services should be free for all people in the world. social justice is a crucial vice in the society as it Prevents social discrimination based on all aspects, treatment and other similar social services encourage the drugs addicted persons to access public health services hence ensuring reduction of level social discrimination, (Farmer,2003).

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The movement was evidenced at Missouri with active pressure by recent human rights fighters who were able to successfully negotiate the measures through the process. When prosecutors provide influence to drug resistance and drug-free zone, rehabilitation in a hearing for questioning the importance and the affluence to overcome this opposition activist should focus on providing evidence to seize the claims that drug-free zones are unfair and require re-establishment. Social programs implemented Social security Social insurance normally based on the level of income and payroll outcome of an individual and public assistance normally known as welfare usually based on person earnings need. This controls the bailing when one gets arrested. Though not everyone is able to pay for the insurance due to the different level of working class with low-level group suffering more.

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Children witnessing their parent being taken by authorities and suffer nightmares and flashback to the arrest incident (Jillson, 2002). Positive effects drug abuse Rehabilitation services provided by the government enhances the provision of employment opportunity to drug abuse specialist who get employed to give the rehabilitation services against drug abuse. Arresting drug traffickers reduces the supply of drugs in the streets hence improving the physical health of addicts. Negative effects of drug abuse Arresting youths involved in drugs because of the shortage in production of labor, therefore, economic status of the country might reduce. People who are addicted often turn into crime as a means of paying for their addiction. Some drugs such as cocaine and heroin are expensive, they use a lot of money that could have been used for other ways such as establishing industry to create an employment to the needy.

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Recommendation and conclusion The federal legislation; Controlled substance import and export Act controlling the export and import of illegal drugs, has a great impact in the society; protecting and enhancing the limitation of possession, importing and exporting unwanted substances such as cocaine and heroin. This has enhanced control of drug abuse. There is need for the government to ensure drug abuse policy spreads all over because the side effects of drug abuse to both an individual and the economic impact. To remain health and free from depression one need to avoid drug abuse at all cost. T. , & Woody, G. E. Drug Abuse Treatments.  Arch Gen Psychiatry, 40, 620-625. , & Smith, G. D. Psychological and social sequelae of cannabis and other illicit drug use by young people: a systematic review of longitudinal, general population studies.

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