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Based on this visit, I learned to appreciate nature in a completely new dimension. Main Ideas in the Report Background of the Museum: Historical background and the nature of the museum The nature of the experience in the Museum; description of some of the facilities in the museum Historical background of the first people Conclusion Background The historical background of the museum constitutes quite a number of stories, experience and affection that have affected the life of millions of people across the globe. These aspects have contributed to the iconic nature of museum. The first such iconic exhibition in the museum is the Royal Exhibition Building. The building that was constructed in 1879 marks one of the most critical historical aspects of the museum.

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These materials are suitable for both adults and young family members as they appeal to both hearts. The site further provided one of the specifically new understandings on the DNA. The well-presented exhibition of Darwin to DNA displayed in the historical showcases helped in the interpretation of the entire evolution process. I learned the important conditions that were necessary for natural selection as they were displayed in the photos and the specimen. These representations further gave me a new understanding on how evolution acts upon genetic mutations. I realized that these animals were highly adapted to the environment. I realized that the dinosaur had the capacity to walk for relatively long distance at a high speed. I realized that the nature of the bones that most of these animals had typically depicted their eminent capacity to adapt to the environment.

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The learning on this exhibition not only exposed me to these animals but also provided me with the opportunity to link the knowledge that I had achieved in other areas thus improving my understanding about nature. For example, it provided me with the opportunity to learn how the DNA of these animals operated to create natural selection. While making the discovery, I realized that the Aboriginal had quite a number of artifacts those were made out of rich artistic works. I discovered that they possessed more than 600 historical and contemporary objects that were made by both the Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islander People (O'Connor, 2017). All these fascinating objects helped to define their history as well as show the sophistication and diversity of the Australian culture (Gorman, 2015).

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My interest on the history of the people was not only limited to the group but I also showed a great interest on the Koorie people and how their lives changed after the European settlement. I noted how they also played a critical role in defining the overall history of the nation. These items comprise of the most vital prehistoric and modern sites. Besides, it contains some of the most interesting social forums such as Nocturnal and natural parks that are critical for human leisure. Therefore, I may take this opportunity to recommend other members of such interest to visit the facility for learning and exposure into a completely new world. Bibliography Gorman, S. , Judd, B. M. Museums and empire: Natural history, human cultures and colonial identities.

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