Is Globalization contributing to the Demise of the Worlds Cultural Diversity

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Notably, the paper will also provide the weaknesses of arguments made before moving to the conclusion. The exact time when globalization started taking roots in the world is not known with precision; however, the evidences of globalization has been highly evident in the nineteenth century. The continuous accomplishments of globalization in the UK and in the whole world has been observed through the presence of free market systems which has led to free trade of capital, labor, services, and goods. Therefore, according to Besley (2013) globalization has taken root in three major aspects that include the economy of the world, political dimensions and the cultural perspectives. As a result of globalization, there are various aspects that have been incorporated in the world that include industrial revolution and enhancement of the communication through the use of technology (the use of internet to influence the news media).

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Evidently, globalization has resulted to cultural hybridization where hybridization has mixed and the process of synthesizing different cultures in the world to form a faceless whole from different communities. According to Greig (2002), in the cause of globalization, cultural hybridization has become one of the issues that cannot go unrecognized. To be precise, as the means of communication are integrating, cultural hybridization is becoming evident as one of the effects of globalization where the forms of communication integrate to forming one centralized language of communication. For example, globalization is advancing continuously, which is causing the mode of communication to advance in institutions such as the media houses so that they can cover more viewers or listeners, thus different the languages used by the community are changing into an integrated language to ensure that the information is understood by different groups of persons or communities (Bajec, et al, 2009).

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Therefore, in such a case where the media is seeking to grow and increase its coverage, the institution is obligated to use a common language as with that of the viewer where the viewers are also required to converse in the same language to understand the content in the news (Stockhammer, 2012). Based on Hanley (2011), there has been a quantifiable increase in the number of immigrants in the world. Since there has been an increase in the number of job opportunities resulting from globalization such as the increase in the number of information technology specialists. Job opportunities have ended up being shared with international specialists which, causes the specialists to relocate from their native countries to other countries in the world. In other cases, business are also relocating from their original location to other countries with the aim of tapping into other opportunities and ventures in the countries (Crane, et al, 2016).

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The movement of the immigrants has, therefore, resulted to direct immigrants and indirect immigrants. One of the tribe that has been evidently holding their culture in different countries are the Indians found in the different countries including in the UK. In most cases, the Indians tends to maintain their culture. Therefore, factors result from globalization such as the cases of migration do not result to cultural hybridization in all the cases. Further, in some instances, as stated by Cote, (2018) globalization tend to influence people mostly in businesses seeking to provide unique venture which will help in maintaining competition afloat in the economies, thus the globe. Therefore, in some cases where the business persons want to remain in the market, they tend to base their decisions on opinions and attitude but they consider having different opinions and attitude from other people tend to help them in ensuring unique products are introduced in the global market (Wood, et al.

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