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Daycare is the only way that parents can use so as to provide their children with the necessary care that they may need since most of the companies that parents work in are usually focused on their wellbeing in the market but not the wellbeing of the families of their employees. The following are the only opinions that parents have so as to secure child care services for their children. One of the parents will have to remain at home while the other remains in working despite that this is likely to strain the family financially (Javornik, 2016). The parents can also look for a home daycare for their children so as to allow them to remain in the workplace (Javornik, 2016). The second opinion seems more reliable and thus this paper supports the use of daycare by parents in providing their children with childcare.

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Also, the daycare institutions consider children from a poor background and who may be at the risk of accessing good education. The daycare institutions provide them with the necessary background that they need so as to develop into individuals of importance in the future. The above argument can be supported by a research that was carried out in the United States. According to the research that was carried out by the National Institutes of Health, it was found that children could have higher cognitive as well as academic achievements as teens when they spent their childhood in quality daycare as compared to when they do not spend that time in the daycare. According to this research which involved more than 1300 children, more than ninety percent of them had been in childcare before they were in the age of four years (Reynolds & Rajagopal, 2017).

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From this discussion, it can be concluded that the only way that parents can be able to provide their children with quality childcare is through the use of day care home based facilities. The present economic situation requires the two parents to be involved financial activities as failure to this may lead to the family being financially poor. Parents have to look for the daycare institutions that offer quality care facilities to their children so as to ensure that their children benefit from this. Parents should also look for the daycare facilities that they favor their earnings so as to avoid excessive spending on child care as compared to what they earn. Parents should also ensure that the daycare institutions that they take their children have high levels of hygiene and that the is learning programs that are being provided to their children so as to ensure that their children are prepared for kindergarten by the tie they will be leaving the healthcare institutions for kindergarten.

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