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International efforts have been made to help deal with this issue of food safety with organizations such as WHO and FAO coming up, each with their goals in improving food safety. Various factors have been highlighted as the major causes of food safety and also the technologies that affect food supplies. A look into food safety in the U. S is a major application and a look into what is to be done in the state to ensure food safety is necessary to help consumers avoid foodborne diseases. Further, recommendations on ways to increase the knowledge on food safety are given and when adopted, can lead to safe consumed food, free from illnesses. Implementation of pest control is also important to help prevent the invasion of pests that may lead to contamination of foods.

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Last but not least, there should be a global understanding of the importance of food allergies, food intolerance, and food poisoning. International Food Safety There are many international organizations that have come up to improve the safety of food products. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) seeks to increase the levels of nutrition and living standards of people, to improve productivity in agriculture and to improve the conditions of those living in the rural areas. The World Health Organization (WHO) has the goal to set the standards of health globally to strengthen states’ health programs. This clearly means that by the time a consumer eats their food, it may have been brought in, cooked, cooled, stored, moved again, heated up once more and handled by many different people.

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Each of these steps invites new dangers that allow for the growth of bacteria. Moreover, consumers also mishandle food when they buy and take it home increasing the chances for diseases. Having fewer people cooking means that the next generation gets less knowledge of food preparation. This poses a great danger to future food safety. Pathogens are evolving on a daily basis making the attempts to kill them fail. Some have become resistant to mere antimicrobial agents may be due to the sub-therapeutic application of same antibiotics to animals ( Meng & Doyle 1998). Technologies Affecting Food Supplies Technology has improved the efficiencies and quality in the supply chain activities of food products. It also records data at real-time and later-times, essential for decision making.

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First are the process automation technologies in warehouses that improve and tracks the activities in warehouses. S. The team comprises of the producers, shippers, processors, retailers, people preparing the food and the consumers. The government establishes standards and oversees the enforcement of the standards. Trade and consumer organizations play a supporting role in informing the policies. The academic institutions and professional institutions take part in education and research. Voluntary efforts have been made with the formation of trade associations for the food producers, processors, retailers and food service establishments to give these members opportunities to raise a common vice on their various issues of interest including marketing, regulations and technical issues. Consumer’s organizations are also present in the US to promote the safety of food products.

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