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The ortho500 is a user-friendly machine and learning to use it is very easy. Its technical specifications are also advanced compared to the existing machines from other manufacturers, with this an ISR team can adequately defend its sales proposal to health centers with purchase interests Direct product demonstration, Independent sales representatives are trained on how the ortho500 functions, this enables them to directly involve a potential client without losing trust in the functionality of the machine There's is limited risk in using ISRs, this is because they work on a contract basis which can have a life cycle of up to 60 days. This allows Formprint to control high ISR turnover and training cost in case their marketing team does not meet the sales target projected within that period.

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By using multiple ISR organizations, Formprint can have better coverage of the fragmented outpatient market. Cons The initial cost of training ISRs is high, Wittenberg alludes that his sales budget will definitely rise to in case they were to source promotion services from ISRs, he is concerned with the high number of a variety of products this ISRs handle which limit them to individual concentration in optimally selling the ortho500. Cons • Limited experience with financial negotiations which may hurt the ultimate goal of making a profit. I will support the development of ortho500 basically because it’s a new technology in a highly competitive market and the best manufacturer can have the opportunity to be a market place leader in its production if sales are conducted in a much effective way.

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Question 2 By use of orthos sales force, Firmpoint is guaranteed a cut off in its marketing expenditure but low expectations on return. The goal is to create awareness and sell, with poor negation skills depicted by internal sales agents coupled with low motivation. A vigorous campaign is not expected to have the product out. Factors such as performance, price, reliability, print speed, ease of use and functionality should be highly regarded in consideration with other manufacturers. Having a market-friendly product is a selling factor. Public sentiments on the product must be highly maintained, this will provide a cheap and highly effective marketing approach. Direct sales agent must be used to maintain clients by providing after-sale services and personalized services to improve market trust.

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