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With regards to the fight for independence, the Declaration of Independence also considered slavery a violation of natural human rights and liberated Americans from engaging in acts of slavery. Upon gaining independence, representatives were involved in signing the American constitution on September 17, 1787, that defined American laws and policies until today. Thus, this paper aims to explore how the Declaration of independence came about and how it impacted American history from the standpoint of freedom. The study will also closely consider how it affected the issue of slavery and the role it played toward black enlightenment and the American Revolution. Throughout the entire historic timeline of between the 1760s and 1970s, colonists from Northern America in most cases were at odds with the British frontier and taxation policies.

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He served as Pennsylvania first president, Minster to France and Sweden, a diplomat, and a scientist, among other roles. John Adams ruled as the first United States president and as Great Britain and Holland ambassador. Roger Sherman played the role of the political leader and a lawyer for France and U. S while Robert Livingston a Connecticut native and Continental Congress is responsible for the signing all four American essential historical documents (Ohio Memory, 2016). Thus, what contributed to the American road to revolution against the British regime? The idea of the American Revolution emerged from the bloody struggles that the American colonies faced in the hands of the British government. The “Battle of Bunker Hill” of 1775 is among the major fights during the war with other battles such as Germantown and Brandywine, Saratoga Battle and Lexington and Concord.

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The “battled of Yorktown” commanded by general Jean Rochambeau and Washington forced the British to surrender upon being defeated by the colonies. “The Revolutionary War” ended in 1783 with the help of a peace treaty that was agreed upon in Paris. Thus, at this point, King George III of the British authority acknowledged the independence of the colonies and verified America as an independent nation. America was given part of the land that the British owned which later led to the establishment of the new 35 states that are now part America. Thus, this is the reason for supporting the end of slavery after the begging of the Revolutionary War. This is because Americans wanted a republican government that respects the rights of all individuals and not a monarchy authority that suppressed the interests of minorities.

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It is evident that the revolutionary era in relation to American history influenced the rise of black enlightenment. This can be linked to the reactions that Americans presented based on the abuse of power of King George III and the unfairness that the Parliament demonstrated in relation to taxation and other issues. Enlightened individuals such as Thomas Paine denounced the abuse that was being inflicted in the colonies from Northern America before American thinkers Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Alexander Hamilton among others began to express their ideas of freedom through documents such as the “Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and the Declaration of Independence” (National Archives, 2018). Thus, it is evident that the various events in American’s fight for freedom resulted in American independence and the implementation of the current American constitution.

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This can be attributed to the problems colonies faced under British authority before pushing for Declaration of independence, freedom for slaves and the ratification of the American constitution. In conclusion, despite the fact the path to independence was twisted and long, the impact of its act of declaration left a spot right away. American history of independence demonstrates a great struggle that the American founders and colonies endured before breaking free from British rule. This is in connection with the bold decisions to seek independence and end acts of slavery among American African slaves. Retrieved from https://www. historyisfun. org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/RoadtoRevolution. pdf Laccarino, A. The Founding Fathers and Slavery. gov/milestones/1784-1800/convention-and-ratification Ohio Memory, 2016. The Committee of Five: Drafting the Declaration of Independence.

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