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As a result, they naturally pick up a few things from the games. Therefore, game developers always strive to influence gamers positively rather than negatively. This paper shows that developers can help to strengthen positive and healthy behavior by promoting them through the games. Also, the paper shows that what someone picks up from a video game depends on the personality of the person more than the content displayed. Game Developers Responsibilities 1. The first classifies games, the second looks at the influence of games in two different parts of the globe, while the last subsections incorporates a theory of ethics and morality to the analysis. Section three is the conclusion to the paper. BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE Video games have been in existence for years.

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Initially, video games were perceived to be played only by children. However, when these children grew older, they did not stop playing the games. This is especially the case for simulation games. For example, in Europe where soccer is the most common sport, gamers play soccer games like FIFA. On the other hand, in the US where basketball is the cherished sport, gamers go for basketball games. In terms of storylines, there are arcade games. Such types of games pick a story and build on it throughout the game. Other benefits of video games include increased brain activity and cognitive development [2]. On the other hand, games meant purely for entertainment have very few lessons that can be drawn from them. This is because they are focused on entertaining those who play them rather than educate them.

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These types of games cause so much debate on the role of games in fostering ethics and morality. This is especially so since entertainment games are the most common, given that they are usually cheaper than those meant for educational purposes. A study was conducted to find out whether gamers enjoyed games that were developed for educational purposes. A large percentage of sampled games reported enjoying the games they could relate to more than the ones they could not relate to [3]. Also, this study revealed that people are more attracted to games that have better graphics and controllability. As a result, game developers should be empowered with the resources that can help them develop games with better user experience. This will capture the attention of gamers, and they can play the games to the end.

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However, online gaming in Europe is more organized. This has been achieved by organizing competitions in the various games. The most common are the world cup FIFA games in which players come together to compete against each other. Other cases are those of combat which have teams of gamers playing against each other. Similar to the case in the US, online platforms of games can be either advantageous or disadvantageous. Having this mentality is important as it will help the society to stop blaming game developers for unethical behavior of a fraction of gamers and instead focus on solving the problem differently. Also, this framework can be used to encourage game developers to create games that will help strengthen the ethics of those who have started developing good ethics already.

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