Gangs of New York analysis

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The gang is Irish merited. The movie is full of conflict war and revenge. Directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by Miramax Films the gangs of New York is one of the movies that displays a character of violence and rivalries of different gangs in the 19th century. Set in 1863 the film follows a fictional gang leader named Bill the butcher. He is termed as the kingpin of crime and as an influence even in politics (Scorsese 2002). He saves Bill from an assassination attempt, and the thought of it tortures him a lot wondering why he even did so. Jonny latter reveals Amsterdam true identity to Bill out of jealousy that he has for Jenny closeness with Amsterdam. With this knowledge, bill plans to play dirty with Amsterdam and challenges him to a knife throwing competition involving Jenny.

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Amsterdam tries to kill Bill by throwing him a knife, but Bill is quick enough to deflect it and injure Amsterdam with a counter throw. He proclaims that he will not kill Amsterdam but will let him live in shame and proceeds to burn him on the cheek with a hot metal blade. Tweed approaches Amsterdam with a plan to beat Bills influence. Tweed goes ahead to back the candidacy of Mc Ginn for the position of the sheriff which he wins with a landslide. Bill his intimidated by this win and goes ahead to kill the new sheriff. The death of the sheriff angers Amsterdam, and he challenges Bill to an open gang battle held in paradise square. As the gangs are preparing to fight, city riots break out.

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