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On the other hand, gay movements grabbed the opportunities by the feminists’ theory and applied its aspects to their movements. The homosexual movement gained its attention in political debate in the 1990s. For us to understand the politics of gay marriage, we first need to understand the cause root of the gay community in America. In his book, the social construction of sexual identity, (Seidman, np) considers the rise homosexuality as a social identity. People had practiced homosexual act across cultures throughout times, however, in the 1800s, the homosexual act was recognized as a social identity in western culture rather than merely an act. Furthermore, there later arose a period of constitutional controversy on the arguments over protection for gay sex and marriage in the constitution.

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Some critics for gay rights protection felt that their rivals that advocated from protection rights exceeded the limits of respectable constitutional position. Therefore, in my response, I will not take a solid position on whether the legitimate event for gay rights has stood concrete. I attempt to challenge the opponents who consider that the event of gay rights does not require constitutional arguments and to speculate why they however hold this perception. Although constitutional protection of gay rights rests on constable moral decision, failing to protect those rights also depends on such judgments. Hence, it is important for the government to make available some social scripts (Acts) that protects gay rights to ensure they lead a happy life that will motivate their positive contributions in the society.

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