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In some culture the interaction of individual was defined by gender, also in social responsibility work was defined alongside gender. The term gender and sex will be used in the discussion, this paper discusses gender in medicine. Gender in medicine is the study how different disease affects patient based on their gender, and how these diseases differ between male and female in term of prevention, the clinical signs among others. In addition, the study also focuses on how these diseases affect each gender psychologically, and the social impact the disease has on each gender (Field, & Lennox, 1996). There is a great focus on research and teaching on how gender affects the medication, signs, and symptoms of a disease. The disease mainly affects the males cause low mortality rate among members of a society.

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In addition to heart disease there is another condition called Coronary heart disease which comes alongside with heart disease, also it affects the males compared to women. This condition has reduced the mortality rate of men in society. However, the disease has not affected the mortality rate of women as theirs is steadily constant. Women have the high rate of unrecognition for the cardiovascular disease, through this the physician has been able to address and invest in research so as get treatment and cure for the disease. Another cancer-related disease is lung cancer, it starts in the lung and then the cell multiplies. The most common type is non-small cell cancer. It’s a gender-related disease as it mainly affects women, they have a chance of contracting the disease due to the immune.

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Physicians have addressed it as a disease that highly affects women, thereby in their medication, they are given medicine that won’t affect their lifestyle, and which does not complicate their genetic organization. Another cancer related which are gender-related is breast cancer, there is multiplication of cell in human mammary glands this results in breast cancer. This stereotype, brand certain gender as immune from the disease, and this complicate it when that person decides to seek medical attention. The person will not get the necessary attention. In the treatment, there is gender bias where physicians will treat the different genders in a different way, which is against the code of conduct of medicine course. Where you are supposed to treat all patient equally without being biased.

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In a study by a university, they discovered in sexism men scored higher in biased toward women. Good interpersonal and communication skill should result in effective information exchange that should foster unity and teamwork among patients, their families, and medical practitioner. Professionalism should be manifested every time when conducting health responsibility, which is in line with ethical principles to a different patient population without considering the gender of each patient. In medicine course, there is the improvement that involves investigating and evaluating their own patient care without the bias of gender and this should help improve the patient care where there is equality. To enhance the medicine course the first two years the curriculum would insist learning the behaviour, and the societies so as to integrate them together and promote professionalism (Schiebinger, & Stefanick, 2016).

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