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These outcomes are linked to the employee’s tasks at the workplace. The tasks performed by each employee are laid out in a job description, however each firm has to follow the performance of each and every employee to ensure achievement of the set strategic goals as well as ensure development of the employees through performance appraisal programs. Organizations are also determined to motivate the employees through giving out favorable environment for work as well as through remuneration which may be accompanied by benefits due to performance. In this paper, we will discuss through the position of a human resource manager through outlining the job description, develop performance appraisal program for the position as well as determine the compensation plan for the position.

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Job Description Job description is concerned with summarizing all the duties and responsibilities regarding a job, this entails the working conditions, skills and expertise required, and materials used in the job. Talent management is also an important aspect that should be performed by an HR manager so as to improve the efficiency of the workforce, therefore, as a manager I should possess a talent in identifying and addressing personnel areas in need of training and development for organizational success. Human resource management requires enthusiasm for decision making and management of staff. This position requires exceptional team building skills and is highly organized in the recruitment and placement of staff. As a human resource manager I’m responsible for coordinating and monitoring the performance of all departments with the division manager to satisfy the requirements for fulfilling organization success.

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Job Specifications This position requires the minimum of the possession of a Bachelor of Arts/Science (BA/BS) in Business Administration, Human Resources, Organizational Management, or a similar field of study with at least 2 years of industry experience in Human Resources Management. The HR Manager is the pinnacle of a growing organization’s personnel body manager with the need for a proactive agent who practices the organizational philosophy and superior customer service excellence and value added productivity. It is important to note the growth of any organization is dependent on the workers talents and skills as well as the ability of the human resource to ensure a favorable environment for its workforce. A favorable environment helps minimize workers turnover by ensuring that human resource are capable of retaining and attracting the best talents for the organization.

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Human resource compensation can be termed as a key factor contributing to growth and profitability of an organization especially where the compensation is deemed to rise and fall according to the performance of the organization. This position is therefore very important for the organization, the company focuses on retaining their human resource manager by offering them the best compensation and benefits packages. Figure showing the national salary trend for human resource managers The salary as compared to the bureau of labor statistics analysis on the human resource compensation can be said to be of average considering the benefits that are given to the human resource officer in this case. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual earning for human resource managers is around $106, 910, the lowest earning managers record a remuneration of about $63, 140 while among the highest paid human resource managers attract a remuneration of about $190,000.

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It is however notable that the salaries differ due to many factors which include the competitive marketing skills of the human resource managers as well as due to salaries tied to performance of the managers. Performance Appraisal Every position in an organization must be evaluated so as to determine its effectiveness and performance and its contribution to the profit of the organization. Performance appraisal seeks to show job performance of an individual, they are part of developing the careers of the individuals and aim at improving the effect of an individual on the job. The analysis uses the job description to ensure the manager follows and takes into consideration the tasks and expectations of performance. The analysis focuses on the actual behaviors at work and not the personality traits of an individual.

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Questionnaires are also passed to the workers with ratings and comment sections requiring them to comment on the performance of their human resource manager. Conclusion In conclusion, each and very organization has a summary of all the duties and responsibilities regarding a job, this entails the working conditions, skills and expertise required, and materials used in the job. In my case, I’m interested in being a human resource manager a position which entails leading the workforce towards achieving the set goals and strategies. Economia: Seria Management. Vol. Issue 2.

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