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al, pg. • Describe the main environmental elements of your chosen global sustainability issue A conducive environment-predictable weather and a stable climate-is a non-negotiable requirement in food production. Ecology ethics is a philosophy of ethics which defines how humans ought to be, ought to value and their relationships with each other and elements of the biosphere. The study of the causes of food insecurity will show how ecology ethics have been disregarded by the human race and due to different human activities, drastic climatic changes are now a common occurrence in different parts of the world (Peter, et. al, pg. Water pollution caused by different factors such as over fishing, oil spills, irresponsible waste disposal into water bodies and sewage/garbage from domestic and industrial plants has reduced the quality and quantity of water used for crop production.

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Land degradation caused mainly by soil pollution and irresponsible human activities such as mining and chemical waste disposal is another factor affecting food production. The overall environmental changes have caused calamities such as drought & famine, flash floods, landslides and tropical storms in both developed and developing countries greatly devastating food production through the globes (Peter, et. al, pg. • Describe the critical social elements of this global sustainability issue Food insecurity has also been caused by a number of different social elements. In both developing and developed states, the majority of the population lacks the basic knowledge of population control, agricultural food production and environmental conservation. Lack of knowledge in these critical field translate to unprecedented population growth, poor agricultural practices and environmental degradation (Peter, et.

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al, pg. • Describe the key economic elements of this global sustainability issue Food production has turned into a costly and unsustainable venture especially for small scale famers throughout the world. The high costs of taxes, materials, labour, equipment and land has made it difficult for small scale farmers to thrive in the agricultural sector. A bribe to cut down a few trees in the forest leads to deforestation and then desertification in the long run. Corruption is moral ethic directing affecting food security throughout the globe. The value of food especially in developed countries or nations with surplus food is considerably low. Thousands of tons of good food is disposed on a daily basis in homes, restaurants and in industries. Basic moral principles such as sharing surplus food to those who need it more is an ethical/moral obligation being ignored by throughout the globe.

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al, 2014). As stated earlier, the population is bound to increase in the near future. Positioning oneself in alignment to the future is to understand the basic principles of any market which are supply and demand. In a fair market, a high demands should be served by surplus supply, however, this will not be the case of food security in the future. The scarcity of land and water will reduce ability to adequately supply the population with enough food, creating an opportunity for businesses in this industry to thrive and dominate their given individual markets, and maintain their market share for a relatively long time. You are required to propose an ethical and sustainable solution to the problems which underpin this global As studied above, food insecurity is a global problem affecting both developed and developing nations.

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The wrath of food scarcity has been witnessed time and again during droughts and famine in different nations such as Kenya among many other countries in the world. To mitigate these effects, different steps have to be taken by all stakeholders in this pressing issues who include, the general population, the government, the mass media and religious leaders. The first step in waging a war against food security is creating global awareness. The general mass lacks the proper knowledge about food and food security. al, pg. In conclusion, food is a basic need essential to every man for survival. It has been established as a global issue affecting all nations of the world. Ethical practices should be practised together with the different individual and personal proposals used to fight food insecurity from individual households to the global population.

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