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Children under the age of 5 years who have a stunting growth are around 29% while those who are underweight are about 11%. Most of these problems have been encouraged by the high rate of the malnutrition in the country which affected most the children. It is clear that the country has serious problems when it comes to the nutrition as the cases that arise every day due to the malnutrition are continuing to rise every day. The current malnutrition levels in the country are unacceptable, better nutrition to the country’s population guarantees better developments and effective growth in the economy among other areas. There have been some of the objectives that have been set to ensure that the country nutrition has gone up, but for the previous 15 years, the percentage of the development in the increment of the status has been slow.

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Another cause is luck proper sanitation, diseases are associated with a lack of proper sanitation. Bactria’s cause various disease in the body, therefore, by failing to conserve the better sanitation can be one of the leading factors in causing the malnutrition in children. Lack of proper access to health infrastructure is also one of the factors contributing to the nutrition problems in the country. There is a various process that the child is supposed to undergo while at the young age, various injections to prevent diseases are necessary and if the child fails to undergo any of them, chances of developing some complications and also the stunting growth becomes high. Many children facing problems of adequate health in Uganda have developed malnutrition which has caused a major effect on their bodies and development.

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The policy impartial is to endorse the nutritional status through the multi-sectoral and common interventions that focus on the food security. Some of the objectives that are aligned with the policies include; ensuring the accessibility, availability and also affordable food prices to ensure that people are satisfied. They also intend to promote good nutrition for every citizen. Also, by educating the community on the importance of good nutrition thus shifting from traditional means of feeding and maintaining a balanced diet at all time. The government is also working with the USAID in promoting the effective nutrition in the country. The government is wasting money in sectors that are not posing many benefits to the Ugandan’s thus acting in failing manner.

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The health sector is one of the affected sectors due to the increased crises in the county. The economic standards of the country have also been one of the factors leading to the failure of ensuring that the policies are have been archived fully. The country lacks enough finances to ensure that it has bought enough medicines, building up new hospitals, promoting health means of food production among others. The lack of enough finances in the sector has remained to be a problem up to now. "Pathways to Better Nutrition in Uganda. Staedke, Sarah G. , et al. "The impact of an intervention to improve malaria care in public health centers on health indicators of children in Tororo, Uganda (PRIME): a cluster-randomized trial.

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