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In the US, there is an increase in the senior population. However, whether Mission Viejo has enough aging people to support the setting of GAH will be investigated. Other considerations to be made will be on type of services to be offered and the specific needs of the seniors that are predominant in the society. Common medical conditions of seniors • Overall health status Chronic illnesses have major impact on the quality of life and health of the elderly. Aging brings with it poor health as seen in the increase risk of disability and disease. About 28% men and 21% women are effected among the over 65s. It can be treated through early detection. Improved quality of life prevents most of the cancers. Respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the third most common killer among the over 65s and it claimed 124,693 lives in 2014.

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10% men and 13% women have asthma and 11%women and 10% men have chronic bronchitis. Institutions can major on hiring specific specialist that are knowledgeable on treatment of the common illnesses among the seniors such as oncology, cardiology, and neurology. Medical institutions for seniors Seniors look for medical care in variety of places. The facilities are mainly used by those that can no longer take care of themselves due to reduced mental or physical functioning. In the facilities, the seniors receive basic care like administration and monitoring of drug intake, and all home care, and total are for their various health issues. However, more seniors are choosing to remain at home and get home care services from there for as long as they can.

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For instance, the women make up for 74% of the stays and they tend to be more than 20 days. Average length of stay for seniors in 2010 was 5. 5 days. The number of stays was similar for men and women in 2010, at 13,591 (CDC, 2010). The seniors stay longer than children and infants by 1 day but the number of stay are more among the seniors. The second is Casta Del Sol in the city of Mission Viejo and it as more than 3,000 residents over 55 years. The population dispersion in the various communities in the region is a shown below;- Community Population (>65 years) Percent Aliso Viejo 2,458 5. 3% Ladera Ranch 835 3. 6% Laguna Hills 3,890 12. 8% Laguna Nigel 8,197 13% Laguna Woods 12, 874 79. To ensure relevance of services offered, the organization needs to determine the number of beds needed, type of specialties needed, and rehabilitative services required to treat chronic and emergent situations.

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Understanding the health of the community will help determine the most critically needed services. A health questionnaire will be developed targeting seniors 55 years and above to help asses most common health issues. All departments will engage in competitive advantage by ensuring employees are aware of the goals of the special services (Cornell University, 2007). Study questionnaire Item # A To be filled by the student B Results - To be filled by the Instructor Survey item On a scale of 1-10, where: 10= very much needed, and 1 = not needed 1 Is a special GAH medical center needed? 2 Is a special community clinic needed in addition to the GAH? 3 Is heart diseases service needed? 4 Is cancer services needed? 5 Is a respiratory disease clinic needed? 6 Is counselling services needed? 7 Is screening and diagnostic services needed? 8 Is rehabilitation services be needed? 9 Is nutrition/dietary consultation services be needed? 10 Is physical and occupational services needed? 11 Does the hospital require health literacy training of the patient and community? 12 Is patient support groups needed? References CDC (2010).

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