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The organization has used the engagement theory in creating create needs for the customers and evaluating the magnitude of social media influence. Social media has emerged as an effective tool that has given organizations an unparalleled reach to millions of users worldwide and a universal image (Baltes, 2015, p. Nonetheless, with the vast technology advancement, social media platforms are now vulnerable to cyber attacks. Besides, some companies have lost customers because they did not respond to customers issues on time. Coca-Cola Company is one the major companies under the FMCG sector that has extensively used social media to built online communities and increase its sales revenue by carrying out social media campaigns based on 3 key dimensions; cognitive, emotional and behavioral. Coca-Cola can get more benefits from social media if creates convenience and diversifies its social media platforms to include as many social networking sites as possible.

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This paper will explore the engagement theory and the utilization of its capabilities in marketing. Engagement Theory and Social Media as a Digital Marketing tool Referred to as a framework, the engagement theory explains the interaction between organizations and customers. The theory involves cognitive processes that are inclusive of creation, problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making and evaluation. According to He, Zha and Li (2013, p. In this era of stiff competition, companies strive to have their user-generated content secure from distortion and at times, they have found themselves on the wrong end where untrue information has been sent to their million fans worldwide (Tsimonis & Dimitriadis, 2014, p. In addition, some organizations have had their social media platforms blocked and as a result, they cannot be able to effectively respond to consumer issues and concerns.

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Besides, social media as a digital marketing tool is basically; it does not cater to the customers who have limited social media usage. Moreover, it is essential to note that the consumer technology has a huge impact on the digital marketing usage of social media. Consumer technology refers to the readiness of the people to use their electronic devices such as personal computers and mobile phones to accomplish personal goals and meet their needs and wants. For example, in 2012, social media is accredited to have earned Coca-Cola more than 2 million dollars in sales revenue. Coca-Cola has used a number of social media marketing tools such as 3D advertising which is anchored on 3 key dimensions of social media marketing; cognitive, emotional and behavioral.

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The company CEO James Quincey stated that the company has widely used social media to generate a universal appeal to consumers and unparalleled reach to customers. On that regard, Coca-Cola brand has about 2. 4 million followers on Twitter and 107. Thus, the customers prefer buying from the company they can easily connect with emotionally (Hollebeek, Glynn & Bordie, 2014, p. Coca-Cola has used social media applications notably Twitter and Facebook to carry out customer satisfaction surveys that have been used to develop strategies that enable the company to meet the needs of the customers better than any other company in beverages industry. The 3D advertising has been widely used to promote the “Coca-Cola” drink as an energy drink that can be shared with friends anytime and has a refreshing effect like no other.

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Conversely, Coca-Cola Company has built communities online using the social media network. Customers are now more educated and informed than before as a result, they now prefer engaging with organizations that come out as partners to just providers. As a result, the company’s sales rose by 7 percent with the campaign itself creating over 18 million media impressions. Coca-Cola Company has largely used social media in implementing broad consumer-orientated programs that are central to customer satisfaction. For example, the company introduced the Coca-Cola free sugar drink after statistics from the company’ social media network channels revealed that there was a group of customers through few whose desires are met. These are customers are either diabetic but still enjoy a soft drink and those that prefer less sugary drinks.

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Nguyen et al (2015, p. These slogans are embedded in the behavioral dimension of social media; customers favor companies that they feel meets their needs in their desired manner based on love, quality, and price. Recommendations • Coca-Cola Company needs to create convenience which is a key domain in the seller-buyer relationship. According to Kuo and Feng (2013, p. 950), convenience thrives on two frontiers; availability and response. As a result of globalization, competition has increased tremendously and as such, customers have a wide range of options to pick from. P. Content marketing-the fundamental tool of digital marketing. Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Economic Sciences. Series V, 8(2), pp. O. Brand communities based in social media: How unique are they? Evidence from two exemplary brand communities.

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